BukidnonNews.net is a community media organization based in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines.

It was started in 2011 as an initiative of independent journalists, teachers and other communication practitioners, who shared a vision of promoting a new media culture in Bukidnon. It is now focused as a media training and content production entity for community-based documentation and reporting initiatives.


A sustainable institution of responsible media practitioners for empowerment of citizens through community news and information

To pursue quality media and documentation training and education among community stakeholders and to produce content with them for sustainable development.   

1. Community-based training and content production
2.Ethical and responsible journalism
3. Mutually beneficial endeavors with members, partners and communities
4. Sustainable and viable actions

BukidnonNews.Net organizes community discussions on key issues such as governance. Photo taken in Maramag town in the conduct of focused group discussions as part of its Piliay 2013 Dialogue Bukidnon Reporting Election Project.

BukidnonNews.Net organizes community discussions on key issues such as governance. Photo taken in Maramag town in the conduct of focused group discussions as part of its Piliay 2013 Dialogue Bukidnon Reporting Election Project.

BukidnonNews.Net through the Years (2011-2020)

1. Bukidnon Our Home Blog – February 2011 – Founders of the organization put up a blog of their stories as an initial showcase. The founding meeting of BukidnonNews.Net was held in a local café on February 7, 2011 in the run-up to Kaamulan 2011. 

2. Bukidnon News Dispatch –September 2011 – BukidnonNews.Net launched Bukidnon’s first ever regular online regular news service with hundreds of subscribers from across the different sectors of the Province of Bukidnon.   The dispatch went in circulation until September 2015.

3. BukidnonNews.Net News Website – 2012 – The BukidnonNews.Net original official website went online from August 2012 as a source of online news on Bukidnon. Its archives, now offline, has been used as reference for key Bukidnon issues and concerns reported on media. 

4. Bukidnon News Summer Youth Journalism Workshops (May 9-12 2012, May 6-11 2013, May 19-21 2014, April 27 to May 1 2015 and May 13 to 20 2017) BukidnonNews.Net successfully organized Summer Youth Journalism Workshops in five years initially with partners the Bukidnon State University Ethno-cultural Museum, MindaNews and Metrobank-Malaybalay. In 2015 and 2017, the workshops were held in partnership with the local governments of Brgy. 1, 6 and Kalasungay, Malaybalay City.  The workshops covered basic news writing, feature writing, taking good photos, editorial cartooning, newsletter design, radio broadcasting, Learning Binukid and many more.

5. Reporting IP and Environment – Coverage of Kitanglad Issues 2012  - BukidnonNews.Net has embarked on covering stories related to the protection of Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park and the Bukidnon, Higaonon and Talaandigs and their Ancestral Domain. BukidnonNews.Net covered the 2012 military bombing of Mt. Kitanglad. The IP community complained against the attack to their territory. They complained against lack of free and prior informed consent. The military was forced to apologize, appease and make peace with the tribe.   

6. Reporting Governance: Piliay 2013: Dialogue Bukidnon  November 2012 to May 2013 - The initial Reporting Governance initiative of BukidnonNews.Net, which held focused-group discussions with community stakeholders, interviewed candidates for the 2013 elections in core areas, Manolo Fortich, Malaybalay City, Maramag and Valencia City to cover the four congressional districts of the province. The campaign was held in partnership with the Diocese of Malaybalay through Bishop Jose A. Cabantan and the main parishes in the core areas. 

7. Balik Bukidnon - Bukidnon Centennial Book Forum – 2014 – BukidnonNews.Net joined the whole province in celebrating the province’s centennial with a lecture by Higaonon novelist Telesforo Sungkit, Jr to close the 2014 Summer Youth Journalism Workshops. BukidnonNews.Net also held the Bukidnon Centennial Book Forum, to initiate a movement on the importance of writing as a skill and the value of books in the history and heritage of a community. Mindanawon prolific book author Bro. Karl Gaspar and Nanay Ludivina Opeńa spoke during the book forum.  

8. Piniyalan Reporting Governance Project 2013-2016, 2016-2019 – BukidnonNews.Net partnered with DXDB-Radyo Bandilyo to run a weekly radio program focused on promoting good governance in local government through active citizenship. Piniyalan, Cebuano for steward, describes the responsibilities of citizens and officials alike in governance. The project promoted active citizenship through the radio program as a key element in ensuring good governance in Bukidnon. The project began with the coverage of the 2013 post-election period up to 2019 elections. The latest initiative was the BUKIDialogue: Piliay 2019 - Voters Education, Election Documentation and Reporting Project.  The project carried out training programs, voter’s and citizens education, monitoring of government actions and advocacy. The Project also highlighted the work of both organizations in Reporting Governance and Elections in Bukidnon from 2013 to 2019. The BukidnonNews.Net did dedicated coverage of governance and related issues in Bukidnon from 2011 up to the present.            

9. Reporting Business – Strictly Business News Conference -2013 to 2014 – BukidnonNews.Net worked with the Bukidnon Kaamulan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc and the Department of Trade and Industry – Bukidnon to hold the Strictly Business News Conference to promote business reporting among community journalists and media interaction among chamber members and partners. BukidnonNews.Net covered business issues including those faced by Bukidnon businesspersons, especially in relation to local governance and the communities.

10. Maramag Journalism Camp –April 2015 - BukidnonNews.Net partnered with the Department of Education – Maramag District - Maramag Central Elementary School to conduct Campus Journalism Seminar Workshops with elementary campus journalists.  

11 BukidnonNews.Net Book Support Initiative - Support for Malaybalay Then and Now Book Project (2014-2015) - BukidnonNews.Net provided documentation support for an aging author, †Ms. Ludivina R. Opeńa, who was writing her book Malaybalay Then and Now. BukidnonNews.Net also drew inspiration and historical background from the author such as but not limited to the narrative about Kaamulan and history of Malaybalay City.

12. BukidnonNews.Net Internship, Volunteer and Mentoring Program – 2013 -2020 – BukidnonNews.Net has provided on-the-job training for Development Communication, Philosophy and English Language students of Bukidnon State University and Xavier University. It has also opened its doors to volunteers who want to learn community journalism and documentation. BukidnonNews.Net facilitated the conduct of mentoring sessions with young community journalists in covering local issues and writing news and features.   

13. Bukidnon Public Outlook Series 2018  - BukidnonNews.Net initiated this documentation and reporting initiative about the issues that the different sectors in Bukidnon faced in 2017 to 2018 in preparation for the 2019 local elections. Journalists asked representatives from different sectors via social media and mobile phones, including people on the streets. The editorial output was a series of thematic stories on what people aspire to be realized in Bukidnon for 2018.

14. Community Journalism/Media Training – 2018 to present – BukidnonNews.Net organizes in-house and community journalism training for members and volunteers and in response to requests by partners. The group also partnered with other organizations in the conduct of training for peoples' and grassroots organizations.  

15. BukidnonNews.Net Community Journalism Youth Fellowship - 2019 -
In transition as a training entity, BukidnonNews.Net initiated the conduct of the Bukidnon Community Journalism Youth Fellowship with support from different partners. The initial batch was composed of five aspiring community journalists, who attended training in community journalism with professional journalists and writers. They also did community journalism coverage of an issue in relation to the poverty situation in Bukidnon. Four of the fellows completed training and submission of stories based on their community coverage. Read the reflections of fellows Vergel R. Dolosa, Keeshia Q. Vallejos, Leezile C. Buadlart, and Jan Ariss Jadraque

16. Reporting Poverty: Round Table Discussion on Addressing Poverty – 2019  

17. Bukidnon Community Documentation and Reporting Project (BukCDRP) - 

18. BukidnonNews.Net Website 2.0  - 2020

19. Assisted in the conduct of the Vera Files Training on Fact Checking with Bukidnon State University - October 2020

20. Documentation and Research Projects - BukidnonNews.Net accepted enumeration/community survey on gender and roads, elderly, and media studies.    

1. Basic and Process Documentation 
2. Photo and Video Documentation 
3. Campus Journalism Seminar Workshops 
4. Corporate Newsletter Training, Editing and Layout 
5. In-house Documentation and Reporting Training 
6. Community Documentation and Reporting Training 
7. Data Gathering Services