Bukidnon opens P2.2 million goat breeder farm

MALAYBALAY CITY – Bukidnon Gov. Alex Calingasan opened the provincial government’s P2.2 million first goat breeder farm in Dicklum, Manolo Fortich town in northern Bukidnon in time for the launching of his administration’s Assistance to Low Income Communities and Settlers (ALICS) Program.

Calingasan said the 53-head breeder farm project is intended for livelihood assistance for the province’s poor families and communities.

An initial 13-heads, 10 does (female) and three bucks (male) were delivered to the farm in time for the launch on August 17.

Calingasan vowed in his inaugural speech last year to prioritize agriculture in his administration and in recent interviews to develop the defunct Bukidnon Resources Company Inc.40-hectare compound in
Manolo Fortich into an agricultural support haven.

The Provincial Veterinary Office is managing the farm while distribution of the goats will be coursed through the Provincial Livelihood Program.

But there is still no fix scheme how the project will be distributed, Dr. Kharinine Escarinas, project coordinator from the Provincial Veterinary Office, said.

She said they are yet to finalize how this will be done.

She cited that they have already initially distributed 30 does and three bucks in three barangays prior to the launch of the farm. But she said those were goats purchased from breeder farms owned by
private entities.

She added that the provincial government intends to breed the goats it will be distribute as part of their aim to encourage livelihood among the low income earners of the province. Escarinas told Bukidnon News they preferred goat because the people can just graze it in back yards or grass lands and they don’t need to buy feeds, like in hog, which could possible compete with the raisers consumption needs.

She added that they are using cross bred goat for the project, a mix of Boer and Anglo breeds.

The ALICS program, which Calingasan said uses initial P10 million, covers operations of a goat breeder farm, lowland and upland rice production, corn production, vermin production, nursery, Tilapia fish pond, mango production, orchards and ornamentals, large animal production like cattle, honeybee production, and a demo production of Adlai or Job’s tears, a grass that bears grains that is seen as an alternative to rice.

Calingasan said they want to use the idle land in the former Bukidnon Industrial and Economic Zone, where BRCI is located, in the meantime for agricultural production to support the province’s livelihood program.

“But this will be distributed only to those who are willing to be helped, too,” he added.

He said to ensure  that those who will receive the project will not put to waste the opportunity he will require that they have to be enrolled in the provincial government Provincial Indigency Health Project, which sources said means the indigents were at least willing to submit to requirements. (Walter I. Balane)

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