REFLECTIONS: Community journalism should cater to the issues of ordinary people

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KULASIHAN, Lantapan, Bukidnon (BukidnonNews.Net) Being chosen as one of the fellows for the 2019 Community Youth Journalism Fellowship was a privilege and a challenge. A challenge to widen my knowledge and perception and a privilege because only few can be given proper trainings and seminars with recognized journalists. I learned a lot from the basics of journalism to how it actually affects the community. The fellowship contributed to what I am as a person at present.

The fellowship gave me something I can use in my endeavors. One of those is that it taught me to be more emphatic, to listen to others who need help. The fellowship gave me a pause in my daily routine and made me think that I should be more concerned about the community. Also, it gave me a realization that it is possible that even a single piece of writing can start changing the situation or solve a problem. If I would become a journalist, I would do the same. Indeed, the fellowship has been a platform that gave me more knowledge not just in journalism, but also in life.

Also, the fellowship gave me experiences I can look back to and use in the future. I can never forget the field works - they were the best moments during the fellowship because it showed me what is really happening in the actual data gathering process. Moreover, two of the seminars, the Photojournalism and the Use of Social Media, were held at the Greenmind’s Umanika Farm. It was awesome as the ambiance at the farm complimented the lectures.

The Round Table Discussion on Addressing Poverty in Bukidnon held in BukSU was also remarkable as it was an opportunity to meet and listen to the heads and representatives from important community stakeholders. I learned about their issues, plans and aspirations for the people.

The fellowship did not just teach community journalism, but more than anything, it made me realize how journalism affects today’s community and how it affect the lives of the people.

Hopefully, the fellowship will continue because young people should be given the opportunity to learn journalism and be the voice for the less heard in the community. Fellowships that will train young individuals to get involved in what is happening in society is significant. There should be a platform that will cater to the sentiments and aspirations of the ordinary citizens.

The author is from Kulasihan, Lantapan, Bukidnon. She is a graduating student of Bachelor of Arts in English Language at Bukidnon State University.  She was one of the fellows of the pioneering batch of the Bukidnon Community Youth Journalism Fellowship, organized by BukidnonNews.Net in 2019.

Ms. Buadlart worked on a story about an upland agriculture issue focused on an irrigation project for vegetable farmers. 

The fellowship received support from MindaNews and the Philippine Press Institute, the Bukidnon Studies Center and CAS-Social Sciences Department of Bukidnon State University, Print All Station and other individual community partners. BukidnonNews.Net handled editorial work on the fellowsʾ outputs.

IN PHOTO: Staff from the Municipal Agriculture Office of Lantapan visit the site for the installation of an irrigation system in Brgy. Victory, Lantapan, Bukidnon (Courtesy of LMAO)

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