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Some may say you’re an outlier in the range of women.

But for me, you’re an extremely high value – personified.

Some may say you belong to the standard deviation

But for me, you’re the mean, median and mode.  


Why am I telling you these things in a verse?

Ah, an FDT will not suffice to tally my answers.

But it is enough to say that you are my universe.

And that’s the only null hypothesis that matters.


And so, I don’t need a random sample of beauties

To know whether I’ll commit a type 1 or type 2 error.

For this leptokurtic feeling that colored my existence  

Will always be right – and to that I am sure.


I was delighted when I started thinking of the highlights

Of the data from our approximately normally distributed dates.

Ah, the mean number of your smiles in those starry nights

Are now steadily increasing in the pie chart of my memories.


Oh how I rejoiced when I noticed a positive correlation

Between my promdi jokes and your carefree giggles,

I even tried to establish a regression equation

For my heart was ecstatically computing statistics!


And then, one day, with an unusual level of confidence

I asked to confirm if my column variable and your row variable

Will pass the chi square test of independence. 

It was a solemn moment – a precious memory to recall.


From then on, our trendline just shoot up to the skies

As we started exploring the accuracy and precision of kisses

As we tried knowing each other in the light and in the darkness

As we started sharing our dreams, hopes and aspirations.


Years had passed, and we no longer need an ANOVA

To know that there is no significant difference

In all the permutation of the ways we love each other.

In all probability, our love will live on forever. 


Gali Makatingkik is a Higaonon poet based in Luzon. GALI'S VERSES FOR THE UNIVERSE is his poetry column for BukidnonNews.Net.He can be reached via editor.bukidnonnews@gmail.com.

Image courtesy of towardsdatascience.com


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