‘Divine intervention, human acts can fight COVID-19’

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MALAYBALAY CITY ( 03 April 2020)—The country director of Human Life International, an American-based Catholic pro-life organization, recommended a two-pronged approach to fighting the coronavirus—faith and action.

Dr. Rene Bullecer, in an interview with DXDB-Radyo Bandilyo on April 2, said the upcoming Holy Week is the time to increase one’s faith.

“May it inspire us to fully trust and surrender to God as we are dust before Him,” he said, adding that “the coronavirus pandemic may be allowed by God in order to impart a message to us...that despite all these, Jesus Christ is greater.”

Bullecer, a practicing physician, also gave tips on how to boost one’s immune system. He recommended sleeping for seven to eight hours, having daytime naps, eating nutritious food, taking vitamins, drinking enough water, 20-minute exposure to early morning sun, and 20 to 30-minute brisk walking around the house.

He added constant wearing of facemasks, frequent handwashing, not touching the face and not smoking can also help avoid contracting the disease.

IN PHOTO: Malaybalay City from above. (Photo by Laagan Aerials)

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