BukidnonNews.Net to re-launch Piniyalan election documentation, reporting project

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MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/25 February 2022) The BukidnonNews.Net community media, an organization set up in 2011, will continue its election documentation and reporting project from February to June 2022.

The community media group will spearhead the launching of the new phase of the project in a virtual launching rites on February 26, 2022 via Zoom and Facebook live streaming.   

A team of contributors and volunteers of BukidnonNews.Net will engage in a community and research-based content production project for the local elections using a voter-focused documentation and reportage.

The team intends to venture on the governance issues in the city and provincial levels, including the national lens that matter to sectoral representatives around Bukidnon and how local and national candidates would respond to it.

This is a bottom-up approach to election reporting by seeking voters to describe the issues they prefer the candidates to address in their platforms and engaging the candidates to respond to it.

Piniyalan. Cebuano for steward, has been used by the group for its radio program of the same title, which aired from 2013 to 2019 in DXDB Radyo Bandilyo. In 2012, BukidnonNews.Net partnered with the Diocese of Malaybalay for Piliay 2013 election documentation and reporting project. Researchers held four focus group discussions in Bukidnon’s four congressional districts. The discussion results formed part of the guide questions used for the interview with select candidates. BukidnonNews.Net interviewed was able to interview most of the 28 select candidates from pilot areas.
The initiative became the forerunner of the Piniyalan Reporting Governance Project, a partnership between BukidnonNews.Net, DXDB, and later DXBU 104.5 FM, which folded up in 2021.

BukidnonNews.Net is working with several community partners for this year’s leaner reboot of the project. There will still be three stages.

The first stage will be a consultation on the issues that matter to the voters. The team intends to conduct FGDs among representatives from the different sectors at the local, municipal, and city levels. The FGDs can be in-person or via Cloud Applications, depending on what is allowed by recurring COVID Alert level protocols.

The interviews will be conducted in Bukidnon’s two cities: Malaybalay and Valencia.

The FGDs will venture into what issues/program local voters want their candidates in city, provincial level, and national level should address in their platform. In each locality, the FGDs will be done across different sectors, mainly: Women, Students, Out of School Youth, IP, Laborers, Farmers, LGBTQ, Church/Faith Groups, Business, Professionals, and others.

The results will also be presented for public scrutiny via local media outlets. The team will also generate additions or refinements of the issues based on public responses to the FGD outputs.

The Team will develop sets of interview guide questions based from the issues raised for the local, provincial, and national candidates (House of Representatives) and from media-generated issues.   

The second stage will engage the candidates in key information interviews (KIIs) in the local level.

The team will engage candidates for Mayor and Vice Mayor of the two cities representing two of the four congressional districts of the province. Also to be interviewed are candidates for governor and vice governor. Also, to be interviewed are candidates for congress representatives in the two districts represented by the two cities. The KIIs will be conducted via Zoom or in person interview depending on what is allowed by protocol Alert Levels. 

Public Engagement
All interviews will have to be done first before any of the stories will be released to the public.

Stories will be developed for the results of the FGDs and interviews with the candidates in the KIIs.

The Team will also prepare a summary of the different responses of the candidates across the different issues, across the different positions, and across the different areas to be presented to the public via different channels. 

The results of this initiative will be compiled as part of the documentation in different forms. The results can also be used as evidence of candidate’s pledge for the positions they intend to hold. (BukidnonNews.Net)  

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