[BUKIDNON VIEWS] MAAYONG UGMA: BUKIDNON 2023: Jaya Secret Garden’s Junah Bayag shares aspirations for sustainable agriculture

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MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net) Educator and sustainable agriculture practitioner and advocate Junah Bayag of Bukidnon National High School and Jaya Secret Garden offered his aspirations through the Maayong Ugma: Bukidnon 2023 initiative. 

Mr. Bayag is among those who responded to the call by BukidnonNews.Net to speak up through the initiative for citizens aspirations for the province of Bukidnon and its people.

“Happy 2023 everyone! 

FIRST, my concern for Bukidnon must start from me. From the entrusted soil (front yard,backyard,side yard, roof deck,etc.) where me and my family are steward of this creation.Going,growing,and glowing in accordance with nature is inspired in my home JAYA SECRET GARDEN.

SECOND, have it's vision and mission be recognized by our barangay, city,and provincial government through Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Training Institute, Department of Tourism and other concerned agencies.

and THIRDLY the Province of Bukidnon to accredit and facilitate this backyard/urban gardening activity as 1.learning site for small scale productive,profitable and sustainable livelihood. 2. local spot for GAD activities in the province, 3.and province to conduct training and workshops in establishing urban/ backyard gardens at home, utilizing the established/existing learning site for urban gardening in the province.”

MAAYONG UGMA: BUKIDNON 2023 is a crowd sourcing initiative of BukidnonNews.Net for Citizens Aspirations for Bukidnon province and its peoples. The initiative is a continuation of previous efforts on Reporting Governance, through interaction with citizens via virtual and in-person engagement under the Piniyalan Reporting Governance Community Project. Piniyalan is Cebuano for someone entrusted or made as steward. Bukidnon Views is the opinion section of BukidnonNews.Net.    

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