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By Erlow D. Talatala

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/10 September 2021) Delta is presently becoming our daily variant of concern – simple explanation, more people vaccinated, limited hosts, more carriers, and increased transmissions. So, it is not so much of an issue, the general concern remains, Covid pandemic.

The compulsory mitigating measures remain: continue observing minimum health protocol, stay covered, stay apart, and stay at home. Vaccination is your prerogative.

Covid pandemic requires us to stay covered, stay apart, and stay at home. That’s exactly what “New Normal” means to be: work from home and earn. Go digital, promote local!

What are the priority key areas of concern? We have connectivity, power supply, and marketing

Let’s have banks for example. They “sell” money. They release loans to earn. They maintain liquidity. They target 100% collection. They accept deposits. They manage delinquency. They want to ensure they got enough supply of one’s "product".

Some engaged into power distribution business and gave us brown-outs. Others into water distribution and they’re out of water. World-wide Web Telco signal is too slow to be found.

Would that be acceptable to the on-line student community?

Would that be acceptable to our online businesses?

Would that be acceptable to our Global Digital Economy?

That’s very unacceptable whatever justification you’ll present. You should do something about it, now, to keep us at home!

Every legislative council or board should convene as a Committee of the Whole to find Ways and Means. Conduct Needs Assessment and Legislative Research. SWOT analysis. Strategic Planning. Formulate Planned Actions that impacts inclusively down to the borders such as Busdi, Apo Macote, Dalwangan, and Indalasa.

Every multinational corporation operating in the province should collaborate and expedite their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

LGUs were still into building covered Courts, waiting Sheds, stages, malls, commercial Buildings, playgrounds, and monuments. Those are obsoletes.

Instead, establish on-line community Stores. Organize Mutual Benefit Associations. Design Stimulus Packages for Farmers and Creative Workers. Formulate protection programs for water-sources and watersheds preservation. Promote the creative industry.

Of course, these are not all theories. In our case, we’ve already established TFC (Talatala Family Cooperative), with the following benefits and services. Mutual Benefit Assistance and Online Family Pantry, ensuring that in our family, no one will go hungry and beg to politicians. Later, a credit window facility and education support program for kids. These are all tidbit program components of the Creative Community and Economy Development Program (CCEDP).

I guessed for the forthcoming days of the 2022 “Campaign Period”, try throwing those who aspire to run for public offices this single question, “What’s your Local Economy Recovery Program for our place?”

Their answer is good enough for you to be guided whom to choose to entrust your “money”, your health, and your future.

Keep safe, stay at home, and earn to survive! 

(Aside from being a surrealist painter, creative industry advocate and investigative vlogger, the author is CEO and president of MasterZone. For inquiries, follow MasterZone FB Group, or contact 0906-601-1796 or erlow2006@yahoo.com. ERLOWISM is his column for BukidnonViews, the opinion section of BukidnonNews.Net)

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