AGENT OF CHANGE: An empowered woman

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MALAYBALAY CITY (29 June 2020) Yes. That was long time ago when we have invited you in our class to speak on Strategies in Teaching Social Studies. A year after that encounter with you and with your ideas, I sprouted as a newbie in community engagement and advocacy which led to, after many years, a bulk of volunteerism and advocacies that I have participated.

Thank you for planting that seed of volunteerism in my heart. It grows a lot! Gaining a space in is a proof for that. 

Once, we had coffee and shared the same table with a friend. Our topics for that day included ‘all walks of human experiences’ minus political and ideological preferences. I have known you as a peace advocate among ordinary folks but declares extraordinary thoughts on peace in varied platforms.

We once sat together in a local radio station discussing about the necessary values of political stewardship. Thank you for the learnings I got from you. It helps me a lot! Teaching the subject Culture of Peace to graduate students is a proof for that.

Really. A strong woman like you is meant to be remembered by a circle of friends who have heard your stories, personal stories. Your motherhood to your family was extended to the communities which I have known, through your stories. Thank you for showing to me the capacity of an empowered woman.

It encourages me a lot! Hurdling bravely the challenges and victories of my golden years is a proof for that.

Life stories are worthy to be heard. You shared one beautiful story, Ma’am Lourds. I heard it. Be assured of that.

So long, my friend.

Prof. Loreta Sol L. Dinlayan teaches sociology and philosophy in Bukidnon State University. She is the director of the Bukidnon Studies Center, where the BukSU Ethno-cultural Museum is located. She worked with Dr. Lourdes G, dela Torre as facilitator during the Piliay 2013 Reporting Good Governance Project and in subsequent projects in BukidnonNews.Net.  “Agent of Change” is a collection of tributes for the late educator, researcher, community worker, Bukidnon News columnist, DXDB radio co-anchor, family woman, church worker, among many other roles. She passed away on May 21, 2020 .

In photo: The author with Dr. Lalu during a visit at the Umanika Farms in Malaybalay City in 2017
Rashia Mae Deva Paano/BukidnonNews.Net

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