AGENT OF CHANGE: A special person leaves a huge void

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DAVAO CITY (08 July 2020) My dear sister, your leaving was so sudden and unexpected. We your family, did not know how and what to felt! You left a void. It is so huge and profound.

I believe you left Bebot your husband, my brother with enough happy memories that will allow him to continue to live a productive life.

Lourdes was a special person. I am not saying this because she was my sister-in-law. She was a farmers’ organizer in Kibawe, Bukidnonn during the early years of Martial Law when they got married. She was raising three boys when she suddenly decided to go back to college.

She graduated cum laude from the College of Education of Bukidnon State College (now University). She was then promptly granted a Masteral scholarship in Anthropology by the Ateneo de Manila University. After finishing the course with flying colors, she was offered another scholarship, this time, for a Doctoral Degree in Peace and Development from the Notre Dame University. Typical of our Lourdes, she finished her doctorate degree as quickly as she did her master's.

Now, the elementary school teacher had two other lofty titles: M.A. in Anthropology and PhD in Peace and Development. She had such sterling credentials and subsequent outstanding achievements in various fields such as research, specifically on women's issues.  She authored a number of books which the Education Department, accepted as textbooks. She was a staunch advocate for human rights. She also worked as reviewer for education graduates, many of whom passed the Licensure Examination for Teacher (LET). She also served as speaker/lecturer in a number of fields. She also went abroad for speaking engagements. The rest of her laurels escape my memory at the moment. It makes one wonder why when she first retired, she did so as a Grade IV elementary adviser!

Can we say it was part of the vagaries of fate?

She is a great loss to all of us but I know she will be journeying back to our creator. Bring our loving thoughts with you, des. So long. Look after us especially Butot and have a safe journey back home.  

The author is an accomplished lawyer. She was a Regional Hearing Officer of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) before she retired.  “AGENT OF CHANGE” is a collection of tributes for the late Dr. Lourdes G. Dela Torre, who was an educator, researcher, community worker, Bukidnon News columnist, DXDB radio co-anchor, family woman, church worker, among many other roles. She passed away on May 21, 2020.

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