AGENT OF CHANGE: A great teacher and friend

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CEBU CITY (08 July 2020) You will be missed, Maam Lourds! Now that you are to be home with our Lord Almighty, I just want to pay a little tribute. This may be the most I can do, though this is too little to pay in exchange for how you have touched my life. The thought of what to say brings me to tears already.

I have been your student in the elementary and high school and since then you have been a special and instrumental part of the person I have become since I left the comforts of high school, until now, and until forever.

Maam Lourds, I want to thank you for teaching us many things in school and in life. The most that I remember learning from you is to see the world not as it is, but as it should be. As our social studies teacher, class adviser, UNESCO-ASP club adviser, mentor for Earthsavers Movement, coach for several inter-school competitions, mentor for me joining National Youth Parliament (from applying to finally getting it) and most of all, as a motherly friend.

You have been very supportive of us your students in getting or achieving what we can and in exploring our potentials. We have traveled many times together to participate in summits and some to compete. Some of them we won, while some we didn’t. Nevertheless, you had our backs. You made us feel winners anyway, and that there is always room to improve and achieve better next time.

Together with my classmates and schoolmates in Bukidnon State College (now Bukidnon State University), remembering way back the mid 90’s, we have learned to be idealist and to stand for what we believe and to believe for what we stand for. It was not easy to please you with our research works and projects, and for that we thank you because we learned to be better and to do better. We learned pride of work with honor.

You are strict, yet you had a motherly touch. You do not give up on your students. And for everything Maam, thank you, thank you so much…The last time we saw each other was during our high school batch reunion in 2012. I thank God you graced us with your presence. And finally last month, you messaged me on my birthday. I am just happy to see it and replied thank you. Little did I know it was the last message from you.

The other day early morning, when I scrolled and saw about what happened, it surely struck me. No it cannot be, it is too soon. I wish it was fake news. But no, it was real.

In behalf of my classmates and friends, WE SALUTE YOU Maam Lourdes! A great teacher may have left this world, but the teachings imparted to many will remain and be taught to many many more.
Many will wish you rest in peace, but for me it is different. The Maam Lourdes that I know does not take things sitting down. I believe when you are already in heaven, you will be busy watching over us…JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! You will remain alive in me, Maam.

Together with my Mama Lilia Reveche, we send all our love, and for always, our memories with you will always be cherished.

The author, now based in Cebu, is an alumna of Bukidnon State College Secondary School Laboratory - Batch 1997. “AGENT OF CHANGE” is a collection of tributes for the late Dr. Lourdes G. Dela Torre, who was an educator, researcher, community worker, Bukidnon News columnist, DXDB radio co-anchor, family woman, church worker, among many other roles. She passed away on May 21, 2020.

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