[Abstract] PWD sector pushes for college special education, implementation of existing laws

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This story shows the difficult ordeal of persons with disabilities in southern Philippine to obtain college education because of the lack of colleges and universities who are ready to accept them with their special needs. It zeroed in on a high school graduate who has a hearing impairment, who for more than 10 years after graduation still cannot enroll in tertiary or college education.

There is an apparent discrimination against learners with some disabilities. The government has not prioritized inclusive education beyond the basic education. 

An official of a provincial government office, which was assigned to take charge of  disability affairs, has confirmed that indeed lack of education qualifications among persons with disabilities has undermined earlier gains in inclusivity policy. For example is another law RA 10524 or the Act Expanding the Positions Reserved for Persons with Disability. The law provides that 1% of personnel of government agencies/offices should be persons with disabilities.

The official said, however, no one or it is rare that persons with disabilities are able to apply and get hired because of the qualification issue - most of them do not have college diploma or are exposed to opportunities springing from. The official is advocating the use of an education fund, of the Local School Board, for the needs of the local college to accept PWDs. 

This disability office, too, has experienced difficulties in their function due to recurring issues in budget allocation and use.  

Other local stakeholders have expressed their aspirations for the realization of the PWDs access to quality tertiary education. (BukidnonNews.Net) 

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