GALIʾS VERSES FOR THE UNIVERSE: You are like my calculator

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By Gali Makatingkik

You are like my calculator.

Because when you are near,

my principles of counting are easy.

You see, I believe in only one combination – you and me,

And the only permutation that I like is you taking me.

And my FPC? Well, I just multiply the number of ways to say “I love you”.

But when you’re not around,

Alas, I find it very hard

to compute the factorial of 143,

which is the number of times I wish within a day,

to be with you soon,

whether under the light of the sun, or of the moon.

You are like my calculator.

which means that without you,

I’m hopeless in facing the tests of life.

Ah, it could not be more scientific than this.


(GALI’S VERSES FOR THE UNIVERSE is a poetry column. Gali Makatingkik (something that sparks fire) is the pen name of a Higaonon poet and novelist. Some of his poems have been anthologized in local and international publications. He is currently finishing his poetry collection entitled Statistically in Love. Reach him via