FIRST PERSON: Atty. Jeoffrey Sayson on “The Noblest of Professions”

The author gave Bukidnon News permission to use this piece. This should have been dispatched on October 6 – The Editor

MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News/06 October) Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude for your invitation to this very special occasion.

It is always a pleasure to be among alumni, students and the staff in the campus where I once studied not so long ago.

It always gives me opportunity to rekindle pleasant memories of my past, including my encounters with my teachers some of whom are here seated today.

Of course, deep in my mind is also the nostalgia of my high school sweethearts.

Levity aside, allow me to extend my warm greetings for a successful teacher’s month celebration.

In my little way, I had my own share of the tedious task called teaching, once as Sunday school teacher for toddlers and kids in the church a street across (Bethel Baptist Church).

I taught debate as I was a debating coach. I also taught political science, taxation, agrarian reform, and economics to college students in the university beside (Bukidnon State University).

I have to be very candid with my realization:  teaching is still the noblest of professions!

The passing of knowledge from one generation to another continues to be the best tradition humans have invented and experienced.

Our national teacher’s month theme “My teacher, my hero” is not only appropriate but clearly defines among others the quintessential importance of the role educators portray and play in any learner’s growth and development.

Values and virtues are seemingly overwhelmed by the excitement of economic development and progress, especially in the field of information and technology. In that field our youth are readily swayed, they learn fast and easy on everything and everywhere without guidance, censor, restrictions and caution.

This is a manner so detrimental. It is with this note that educators must stand not only as repositories of positive knowledge but moreso as vanguard of basic values that build a strong nation and ensure a God-fearing generation.

There is no doubt that the foundation of this learned and God-fearing nation is rooted in our adherence to the time-tested and crisis-proven knowledge and virtues that teachers have taught in our humble classrooms.

It is the positive influences that each of you our teachers have contributed that has carried, carries and will continue to carry us forward into higher levels of accomplishment as an institution, community, society and as a nation.

For the past month, we paused, looked back around us to recapture and reaffirm our indebtedness to you. The positive impact you made to society could never be measured.

While most professions nowadays are motivated and designed for economic enrichment, you continued to pursue it as an expression of volunteerism and self sacrifice; truly you are our present day heroes.

In a world that is fazed and waylaid by self-interest and exaggeration, teachers remain to respond to the more important social needs of knowledge, values and virtues. Indeed, this is impressive!

My dear young students, may you never belittle the teaching profession for without it no one can ever become learned.

You may strive further and succeed.

But never fail to honor your mentors.

To our dear teachers, may you never belittle your profession.

Martin Luther King Jr. once wrote and I quote:

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

With all modesty, I am a lawyer, but in front of you teachers – my teachers, I truly feel inept as your speaker on how I would be able to humbly honor you in return.

Under pain of accusation for adulation, I say that you are a rare breed. It is you teachers, who have indeed uplifted my humanity and dignity.

Indeed you are heroes. Please continue to be so… striving in excellence.

“Tempura mutantor no sit mutanor iniles,” [Time changes and men (and women) change with them].

Today, we honor you and will continue to press for the better. Thank you very much and may God bless you abundantly!

(BUKIDNON VIEWS is the opinion section of Bukidnon News. FIRST PERSON is the column for speeches. Atty. Jeoffrey Sayson, Bukidnon provincial legal officer, gave this message as the guest of honor during the World Teachers Day celebration in Bukidnon National High School on October 5. He graduated from BNHS in 1995. He was among the pioneer students of BSU’s law school in 2006. His family is presently based in Ireland.)