‘One Billion Rising’ also took place in Valencia City

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VALENCIA CITY (BukidnonNews.net/14 February) -Women, men, lesbians, and gays from this city and other neighboring places joined the most awaited event on Valentine’s day, the global event, One Billion Rising.

Residents and visitors gathered at the Department of Education oval on Thursday to join the globally synchronized dance to show their support in the fight against violence on women.

“One Billion Rising: Strike, Dance, Rise!” This is the main campaign message of the event organized by V-day, the organization also responsible for the famous “Vagina Monologues”.

This is a global campaign for women, by women and it calls for an end to violence, and for justice and gender equality. Playwright and activist Eve Ensler is the person behind V-day. February 14 marked the 15th anniversary of V-day.

In the country, Gabriela  Women’s  and Kabataan partylist coordinated with different groups who are one with the fight against violence against women and children.

“Ang kababaihan dili angay magpa daog-daog,” (The women should not be oppressed) cried Malaybalay City Gabriela coordinator, Gloria Pait.

Organizers showed the importance of fighting for women’s rights during the activity.

The dance steps used in the activity resembled martial arts to show that women are ready to fight violence committed against them.

Emmi De Jesus of Gabriela partylist called up the organizers of the local rally and showed her support to the women who danced in the venue and encouraged them to continue dancing and continue fighting against violence committed to women.

“Reported cases of women and children victims of rape and incest have reached an alarming level. It is also approximated that one woman is beaten by her partner or husband every 43 minutes while one child is battered every hour and 20 minutes,” noted Gabriela group.

“Sexual or physical violence are not the only forms of violence against women and children,” said Gabriela provincial youth coordinator Doris Mae Suan.

“Economic deprivation and political persecution, among others are also forms of violence against women (VAW),” Suan added.

VAW also reached another dimension. There is now the existence of Electronic VAW which happens over the internet which usually victimizes young women and children, noted the partylist.

In the Philippines, women and children are protected against violence by RA 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act. However, Gabriela believes that this is not enough to raise awareness thus they participated in the global movement, “One Billion Rising,” which was held simultaneously in over 190 countries. (Daniel V. Mental/BukidnonNews.net)