ERLOWISM: The essence of a woman

Erlow Talatala


By Erlow D. Talatala

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/08 March 2019)–I’ve always been fascinated with the beauty and strength of a woman. And out of envy, I’ve always tried to charm and pleased her. I made poems out of their names, painted her portraits, curated their art exhibits (Angaray), conceptualized ART Dance for her, I even desperately designed her wedding gown (actually, my wife’s the only one!).

It’s not only because of her enigmatic smile but the essence of her being the bearer of life. Giving life to her children, the woman-mother participates in the mystery of life.

Woman, in fact, as experience teaches, is above all the heart of the family, the community. It is she who gives life, and the child who lives in her womb lives at the same time in God. In drawing close to God, the mother finds the grace of love and the spiritual strength she needs for the maternal protection of conceived and developing life.

The history of salvation, in fact, is a continuous manifestation and testimony of her dignity in the highest form possible, as God assumes human flesh from her.

Pope Francis during his pastoral visit emphasized that women are capable of seeing things in different angle, in an eye cleansed with tears. Women expressed answers to questions that men often do not even understand and they bring-out these unheard voices confidently beautiful thru their tears,… but where are the women? the Pope asked.

We must continuously share this profound message of the significant role of women in our society. We must create venues of expression and dialogue for their unheard voices to be proclaimed and be heard.

Women have so much to tell us, we must provide an appropriate venue and conducive ambiance to bring them back to our society.

I painted pieces of my vanity, she gave life to a Masterpiece this world called their Messiah, only to wept, watching Him bleed and die in her arms. Courage no Webster could describe.

Surely, her enigma will continue to haunt me, but I will never get tired of waiting for her footstep sound, to come to my grave – ‘coz I love her!

P.S. You know why Men’s CR (Comfort Rooms) should be positioned on the left side?

Because Women are always RIGHT!


(The author is a surrealist activist who rises for truth, justice and life. He believes that every man’s work is a portrait of himself. ERLOWISM is his column for BukidnonViews, the opinion section of BukidnonNews.Net. Reach him via