BUKIDNON VIEWS: Savannah Sunset: What’s up for 2016?

By Ruby Yap/Special to BukidnonNews.Net

GHANA (BukidnonNews.Net/22 January) Whew! 2016 here we come.

What do I say again? Here is my list of New Year Resolutions? I am going to change myself for the better this year? Don’t we do this every time the calendar ends or begins? Well, we have so many rituals, superstitions and all those kinds of blah blah blah. Are they still effective?

As we aged, these things are nothing but a mere list of things we ought to do and wanted to be. In other words, we aspire for something we are not yet. Well, good luck to that as another year unfolds more things to do, better things to happen.

We ended 2015 with a big bang, a truly “confidently beautiful bang”, we are Miss Universe. It was chilly African winter dawn when I force myself to wake-up, curious to know the result of the just concluded pageant. Kaboom! Twitter and Facebook exploded, I think that was the worst traffic ever in its history (Nielsen should have had rated that one, the way they are rating Steve Harvey’s post Miss U interviews in his show).

As I was browsing all available sites and social pages, it was one of the proudest moment I think I felt as a Filipino (categorically speaking, my other proud moments were: having two women presidents; the emotional speech of Naderev “Yeb” Sano during the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw, Poland at the height of Haiyan and of course the first few real fights of Pacquiao).

I could not react immediately to the posts and tweets of people I knew in social media, the first thing I did was to find out what was Pia’s answer to final question and who design her gown. Well, she answered it well with all the pressure on her shoulder and carried the crown with elegance and dignity, a truly Miss U. Then, I found out that her dress was intricately design by Albert Andrada with a patriotic inspiration, hurray brother! Well done, another world class designer invading the Euro-American centric fashion industry.

It took more than two weeks I think that the Miss U is trending and it will come back. This is especially so because she is now on her homecoming to the Philippines.

We ended the year well, very well. Are we not pageant craze country like the rest of Latin America? I am sure most of little girls and young women watching that historic morning listed in their bucket list or having a New Year resolution to be like Pia, to be the next Binibining Pilipinas-Universe. And most gay brothers would want to be better hairstylist, make-up artist, catwalk mentor and fashion designer.

So much with the Miss U craze, we welcomed 2016. For us Filipinos, this is a better year, despite the hardships, we still was able to shop, dine and lit firecrackers. We are Miss Universe, Pacquiao will have his last fight (May the force be with him!) and we have our festive national and local elections.

So many things to look forward to. Exciting eh?

Well, we are known to be one of the most resilient people in the world, hardened by disaster both natural and man-made. We are proud of that, are we not? You’ll never be more proud when you are living in place where there are only two of you who speak the same language and understand each other (as this is my case!).

You might wonder, do I have a list of things to do for this year? What is in my New Year Resolution list? Do I still believe in it? Well, I have lots to do for myself now (what are these? Well, that will be on another column). Yes I partly believe in having a list, I used not to because I easily break them and it pressures me to achieve things I can’t and at the end of it, makes me feel worst for myself.

Anyway, I know what I need and want. It’s just took the pressure away from you and what the society expects you to become.

We are facing the rest of this year. 366 days at that! Well, less than that now (as of press time!) but we have the indomitable spirit to face whatever is ahead of us as a people, a nation and citizen of this world. No terrorists, no defeat, no typhoon can put us down now. We have emerged as a world class resilient people and with our election at hand, it will be another test of our political resiliency to withstand the pressure of the international observers. May the force be with us then, let us all embrace the rest of the year with high hopes and pride no matter what it takes.

Until the next column!

(Bukidnon Views is the opinion section of BukidnonNews.Net.  The author is a dynamic and passionate developmental worker in Ghana. She has made a mark in the hearts of the Ghanaians as a volunteer for five years and more than three years as a non government organization worker. She loves travelling. Years of experience in media, public relations and event organizing as well as volunteerism in the Philippines and Africa made her a versatile and well-rounded individual who faced tough challenges and found her niche in touching lives of people no matter what the color, race and religion they be.)