TINGOG: Beyond the clip

By Adeliza Barreto
MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/ 23 February) A video showing the coldblooded killing of PO2 Joseph Sagonoy one of the Fallen 44, is having its own share of controversy. One of the online discussions describes it thus: “The video shows a wounded Sagonoy who is shot twice in the head at close range. The last moments of SAF trooper PO2 Joseph Sagonoy’s life that were caught on video show the horrific and cold-blooded murder carried out by Moro rebels.”
I don’t know where the NBI got the gumption to run after the culprits but to their credit, they did. That made me very happy.

But then, some quarters want everyone to see it, saying its the public’s right to view it through the social media, it should stay in Philippine consciousness as an exercise in democracy, even calling the NBI move as suppressive and heavy handed.

Who really does want to see a young, handsome good man shot at close range in the head, YOU?
Nope, not you not me.

It’s a brutal scene promoting more violence in the world that people cannot handle, especially kids. It smacks to me of blood thirst.

There was a study before that a kid gets to view thousands of violent scenes on TV and movies that will form himself to lean less towards a peaceful personality and more to a harmful kind of guy in his adult years. That is why guns and swords are frowned upon by psychologists as toys.

That was in a time of TV and movies, let alone Social media, Youtube and other channels of the internet. How much more now do children get a dizzying dose of terror, barbarism and brutality? Is it any wonder that it is said thousands of volunteers are flocking to work for the ISIS, magnetized by a lifestyle of bloodlust and lawlessness. There is indeed a mesmerizing effect of seeing 21 people being beheaded by masked terrorists and many people do not think twice of clicking on the video to watch the gruesome scenes.

What do you say of people who delight in similar visual fare: voyeuring a rape, regularly or addictively watching porn that treats a woman like an animal, watching a fatal, gory accident showing the human remains, ad nauseam? Do you really want more of those people as neighbors, friends, co workers, classmates, fellow church goers?

On the other hand, think of the family of the poor Joseph Sagonoy. Everytime they come across the video, they go over the horror again and again. Will they ever heal?

Think of Joseph himself. Every time you see the video he becomes less and less of a human being and we are disrespecting him by our choice to watch it every time. A young man with dreams, he was a loved son, brother, lover, family man who did not deserve to die that way. None of the SAF in Mamasapano deserved to die in any way.

And the horror grows down the years. The unbridled violence stays and slays in ever newer intensity and ways.
We all become desensitized at violence. We become numb and harsh ourselves. That is how these terrorists and rebels started out in the first place.

If we really are Christians following our Master whose only teaching is love and service for others our instinct should be to defeat any form of brutality. And God said, fill your minds with the things that are above. And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

(“TINGOG” or Voice is BukidnonNews.Net’s Readers’ Column, which is open for entries/contributions from the public on anything under the sun. Adeliza Barretto wrote before retirement in national media and television as feature writer and scriptwriter respectively. Teacher, Malacañang ghost writer, LGU (local government unit) and DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines) worker are some of her past hats. Her present passions are gardening and grandchildren. Send entries to “TINGOG” via editor@bukidnonnews.net)