EDUCATOR’S VOICE: The Power of Giving

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/07 September 2015) There’s more to life than wasting your money, energy and most especially your time while you can do something that can be beneficial.

We live in this world that is full of changes and the rise of technology. We all have wants. Yes, there is a difference between wants and needs. Most of us just waste our money for unnecessary things. We have what we call insecurities, and these insecurities we all have seen on the television and ads. For example, a beauty product that gives a branding of looking like the endorser or a celebrity.

What we don’t know is that it does not give us contentment instead to strive more even though what we have is what we have. To cut the chase, why not live and be contented. There is another way you can do for your money and time.

The best thing you can do is to give. Why don’t you share something to the needy. There are many things you can offer like giving foods, clothes, footwear or a simple yet fun program. The moment you remember other people who suffers from famine and poverty, you may be their blessing.

Each of our brothers and sisters who are unfortunate in life, they also pray to meet someone to help them. IT MIGHT BE YOU the answer.

The power of giving is essential because it gives you a pure joy and fulfilment. It is such an honor to be a blessing to others. The moment you share your time and give something, it touches the lives of the needy. You may not know their feelings, but deep inside, they are rejoicing and thanking the Lord and you.
In the Bible, Proverbs 22:9 said, whoever is generous will be blessed because he has shared his food with the poor. By giving, it creates camaraderie to others and the sense of belonging. Our Lord, parents, school teaches us to be generous because life is not constant.

That is why if we receive many blessings, let us also remember that someone also is in need. We value our money so much because we work hard to earn it. But let us also think that if we just spend it right away, we might think as well to spend it wisely.

Through giving, there is love. Love and affection is the key why we help others. Life is too complicated and there are so many things yet to come. That is why we should not be selfish.

Instead, we also care and help the society, the people and of course, our self to be loving and caring. As the song of the late Whitney Houston goes, learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. The song has a selfish meaning but the thought is true. It order for you to love others, you need first to love yourself.

This world will be a better place if all of us will unite and extend hand in hand. Above all, God works in mysterious ways. He may make you as the Good Samaritan to others and the answer to their prayers. Give and be a blessing! (Contributed to BukidnonNews.Net by Jenelyn A. Cid)