Bukidnon provincial board opts for “evidence-based” legislation

Bukidnon News.Net official Logo for site2MALAYBALAY CITY – The Bukidnon provincial board is opting for evidence-based legislation and it is doing away with last minute additional items in its agenda during regular sessions, floor leader Clive Quiño said.

He said the last minute additions derail the legislative process, with greater chance the items will skip the committee level.

Quiño told Bukidnon News they are trying to pursue more researched legislation so new items must be enrolled before the secretariat every Thursday for finalization on Friday to be tackled in the session the following Monday.

“We have to go through the process,” Quiño said, adding the practice of inserting new items in the agenda on session day is “prone to abuse”.

But Quiño noted that exempted from the decision are measures certified as “urgent” by the local chief executive.

He added that if it passes through the secretariat, there is chance it can go through the committees, where “most of the legislative process is done through the committee hearings.”

The committees, he added, should take more time deliberating the items before it goes to the plenary.

He said when things are also rushed, as the case when it is inserted into the business of the day, there is more risk of error in legislation.

Quiño said if it went through the proper channel, there is greater chance the provincial board can invite experts and other resource persons to shed light on important matters for legislation.

He said they will try to avoid passing ordinances and resolutions that support specific actions that are not fit with what is needed on the ground.

Sources told Bukidnon News there are also legislative measures passed that did not go through proper public hearing.  (Walter I. Balane/Bukidnon News)