DIALOGUE BUKIDNON: PILIAY 2013: Malaybalay City’s Estelito Marabe

Bukidnon News photo by Ronald Christopher Neri

Bukidnon News photo by Ronald Christopher Neri

Bukidnon News interviews Malaybalay City mayoralty candidate Estelito Marabe for Dialogue Bukidnon: Piliay 2013 on April 30 at the Asian Hills Bank compound in Malaybalay City.

(Excerpts of the transcript of interview with Mr. Marabe is scheduled to be posted on this website on May 9, 2013.)

DBP2013 is a pilot documentation project that seeks to provide more podium for citizens to participate in the agenda set for issues that candidates should address in the campaign.

It covers focus group discussions (FGDs) to surface issues citizens wanted their candidates to address, key informant interviews (KIIs), and public presentations of results.

Bukidnon News initiated the project in November 2012 with community partners. Bishop Jose Cabantan of the Diocese of Malaybalay is a major partner and supporter.

It covers a total of 11 focus group discussions in the towns of Maramag (3rd district) and Manolo Fortich (1st district); and the cities of Malaybalay (2nd district) and Valencia (4th district).

Bukidnon News wrote to and sought for schedule of interviews with a total of 31 candidates; the four candidates each for governor and vice governor, and the candidates for mayor and vice mayor for the four pilot areas.

As of May 6, only 10 of 18 who agreed to be interviewed have been interviewed. Eight others have agreed to be interviewed but continuously postponed the schedule. Some have ignored our calls after checking the guide to issues to be tackled in the interview.  (We shall post an official list of invited candidates and their responses to our requests.)

Bukidnon News will publish a matrix of the responses of the candidates interviewed to the Catholic parishes, which are community partners in the four areas. Bukidnon News will also publish the results in its website, www.bukidnonnews.net. The Church-owned Ang Bandilyo newspaper also agreed to publish the results this week.

The recorded interviews will be used as one of the tools to account for the winning candidates’ performance in local government term from 2013 to 2016. (Bukidnon News for Dialogue Bukidnon: Piliay 2013)