In Valencia City, performance enhancement bonus issues linger

Bukidnon News.Net official Logo for site2MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/17 January) Despite the city government’s efforts to take the legal means so job order employees may receive substantial bonuses last year, the city council received concerns over confusion of the disbursement.

The confusion roused when job order employees who served the city last year for at least four to six months, did not receive the performance enhancement incentive (PEI) because their appointment was not renewed on the disbursement date.

During the regular session last week, certain officials were called to answer queries of the city council regarding the PEI disbursement.

“For an employee to qualify for PEI, the employment must still be there as of the giving of this incentive, “said city budget officer Ruth Piano. She explained that the PEI was to be downloaded on November 30, last year. The appointment would have to be active on that date, she added.

By technical definition, job order employees are not entitled for PEI  as per Budget Circular 2012-3 of the Department of Budget and Management.

For generosity’s sake however, the city government took the necessary means to change the term  “job order employees” to “contractual employees” so they can avail of the said bonus.

“Contractual employees are only entitled to P5,000 PEI but we gave them P7,000,” said city councilor Rhea Agripo.

She said that the additional P2,000 was added to the PEI in a form of financial assistance since the city was declared to be under state of calamity on December. In total, they are to receive P7,000 per job order employee. The city council earlier allocated P 7 million for less than 1,000 job orders.

This is not good news for Helen Dela Cruz.

Dela Cruz worked as a job order employee until her appointment was cut off on July 2012. She said that she has not received a bonus from the city government even if she has rendered service for almost six months. She is only one of many employees who would also like to take a fair share of the said incentive.

“Naa pud unta mi madawat nga bonus bisan gamay lang kay naka serbisyo pud baya mi sa gobyerno sa niaging tuig, (We should have at least received even a little out of the bonus because we have also worked for the government in the past year,” said Dela Cruz in a separate interview.

City council members said that they wanted every employee who served the city government last year to receive “what is due to them”.

“We will see what we can do through legal means,” said city councilor Camilo Pepito, chair of the council’s committee on appropriations.

Human resource and management officer designate Estela Solera said that the city has employed 942 job order employees last year and 769 were qualified to receive PEI.

The city council earlier held a special session on December 19 to allocate P58 million for the different PEI amounts to be given to the employees. These amounts were P100,000, P80,000, P 70,000 and P7,000 for department heads, regular employees, casual employees and job orders, respectively.

City accountant Diosdado Palma said that as of last week, there is a remaining P3 million worth of PEI marked as unclaimed.  (Daniel Mental/BukidnonNews.Net)