FROM BUKIDNON TO THE WORLD: Savannah Sunset: The Filipino Spirit

By Rubelyn B. Yap

GHANA (Bukidnon News.Net/22 January) It’s the first month of the year and it seems there were some optimistic notes the year has seized from the last quarter of 2012 aside from the wrath and devastation of Pablo.

I could mention the Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey that came out at the verge of the economic turmoil in the Eurozone and USA which revealed that only some of the one million Filipino households went hungry in the last three months of 2012 compared to the previous three months. 

Further, the SWS said the hunger rate in December fell to a one-and-a-half year low. It was the lowest hunger figure since 15.1 percent (3 million families) in June 2011, and was a far cry from the high 23.8 percent (4.8 million families) in March 2012.

I would not discuss the latest survey since it circulated two weeks prior to this writing but it only mean one thing for us, we are doing a bit better compared to the last decade and a good start for the year.

I could have doubted this if our country’s leadership is under threat by his moral standing but he seems straight and another news came that the unemployment rate is pegged at 6.9% at the close of 2012. Isn’t this a positive reminder to carry on for the rest of the year and sustain it?

This is a scenario that I think all of us are looking forward to and hoping for us to regain our lost decades when we had selfish leaders. It wouldn’t be feasible for those who were in the country doing their day to day jobs but those of us who are in Diaspora can see a different tune.

It wouldn’t be hard to recognize the fact that our economy is going strong despite our problems with natural disasters.

When I saw in the social media network the lashes our leaders got from our people because of un-satisfaction, I will always think it’s unfair. We can’t see the fact — unless we go out and work in a situation worse in governance than ours.  Then we will understand how our leaders did their best and how fortunate we are to speak our minds without anybody shooting us or harassing our families.

If we take a look at the recent “Pablo” devastation, the government was criticized. Don’t forget the “Sendong” tragedy. Our leaders have their own failures in administering funds and austerity measures but at least they are there. What could have been worse is if they left us like the way the Haitian government did to their people? After three years many Haitians still live in the  UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) camps.

Sometimes we can think of the bullshit our government is doing for us but duh….we are indeed lucky.

How many of us from Bukidnon who are now spread around the world? The most number of us are in the Middle East and US doing all kinds of jobs just to make a living and pour money back home to build houses and venture into various businesses, testaments of our hard work outside.

They wouldn’t go out if we have enough opportunities back then. But I think now is the time to do something back to our motherland.

We can maybe hope that all of us will come back and make our country stronger than it used to be. The successes of the administration is already evident and felt by the people, I have never been so proud of the Philippines if I did not experience living in the same third world countries categorized by the UN Human Index development like the countries in Central Asia and Africa.

One thing I admire, we are now having positive vibes for our country after a century of becoming an independent nation and it’s an exemplary feeling looking inside out. Our resilience to adversity is one thing we are known for.

The spirit of togetherness we showed during the EDSA revolution and the RH (reproductive health) Bill campaign for long years should be evident in our quest for comeback of the tiger economy of South East Asia.

This is just the beginning of a long haul of confidence to our democratic system, we are looking forward in the years ahead and our fate as a nation will be tested again, on fire, when we will have our midterm elections.

Hope is there, isn’t it?

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