Free vaccines in Valencia: ‘due to expire, but not expired’

Bukidnon News.Net official Logo for site2VALENCIA CITY (21 January/ The vaccines distributed by the City Health Office in December were not expired although “they were due to expire,” Dr. Marlyn Agbayani, city health officer, said.

Agbayani spoke before the Valencia City Council during their 118th regular session to dispel rumors that the surplus flu and pneumonia vaccines they distributed from the regional and provincial health offices were “expired.”


“The vaccines we gave were not expired; the expiry date is on the 31st of December. In fact early morning of December 27 all the vaccines were already disposed,” Agbayani said to a query of Councilor Camilo Pepito.

Councilor Almer Alfonso, a physician by profession, backed Agbayani.

“Even if the vaccine is on its expiry date it still has its efficacy,” he added.

The Valencia City Health Office received aid from the Regional Health Office – Center for Health and Development (RHO-CHD) and Provincial Health Office (PHO) in form of flu and pneumonia vaccines in December 2012.

In an interview with Bukidnon News.Net in December, Agbayani said that those vaccines were surpluses from the RHO and PHO.

She accounted that they received 300 ampules of the vaccines on December 10, 2012 from the Provincial Health Office (PHO). They also received 750 ampules of the vaccines on December 12 from the Regional Health Office.

Agbayani admitted that the vaccines are set to expire on December 31.

She also noted that they have prioritized their city garbage collections to receive the vaccines because they are more prone to respiratory illness.

She added that the availability of the vaccines were made public with a local radio station even announcing the availability of the vaccines at the CHO. (Daniel V. Mental/Bukidnon News.Net)