Lack of focus beat busy Pacquiao – Bukidnon boxing promoter

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MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News.Net/10 December) “Tsamba” (luck), that’s how local boxing organizer Dr. Glorio Sajulga described Juan Manuel Marquez’ victory over Manny Pacquiao in the sixth round of their fourth clash Sunday in Las Vegas, a defeat which stunned the pound for pound king, his family, and fans.

Sajulga, who owns Sajulga Boxing Stable and Sajulga Sports Promotions in Aglayan, this city, said the Filipino champ fought well and gave the Mexican a good fight.

“If the fight continued up to the 12th round, we know Pacquiao would have won it,” he added.

Marquez has never knocked out Pacquiao in their last three bouts. The Mexican boxer was just lucky, he added, to have launched the punch that brought Pacquiao to the floor.

“Pero lupig gyod siya ni (But he was no match to) Marquez. His fight was good but it’s different from his form before,” Sajulga told Bukidnon News via telephone Monday.

Sajulga admitted that Pacman was “over confident” and “lacked focus,” which caused his defeat.

Sajulga, also a ring physician of the Games and Amusement Board in Region 10, said a change of religion had nothing to do with his defeat.

“But God reminded him that he is not superman, that he should not be proud,” Sajulga added. He cited that Pacquiao should also recognize that his family started in Bukidnon, where up to now his relatives live.

But Sajulga said the defeat is definitely not Pacquiao’s exit in boxing.

“Fighters sometimes win, sometimes lose,” he added.

Sajulga stressed that Pacquiao had to choose between boxing and politics and the other things that keep him busy.

To move ahead Pacquiao has to concentrate on boxing, said Sajulga, who has been organizing both amateur and professional boxing tournaments in the province with fighters from around Mindanao since 2007. (Walter I. Balane/Bukidnon News.Net)