[UPDATED] City government employees to receive P25T cash incentive

(Apologies. Cash incentives for city employees is only P25,000, not P40,000 as we erroneously reported. – The Editors)

MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News.Net /20buknewslogo-copy December) At least 560 city government employees will be receiving P25,000 cash bonus as productivity enhancement incentive this year, P15,000 less of how much was received in the previous year.

Councilor Bob T. Casanova, chair on the committee of finance, accounts and appropriations, presented the breakdown of the amount of benefits appropriated from the city government’s savings for this calendar year, during the regular session of the city council.

A total of P14 million was allocated for the regular employees while P16 million was appropriated for job order employees and P9 million was for the 3, 777 barangay functionaries.

Job order employees will be receiving half of the cash bonus or an estimate of P12, 500 after complying with requirements.

From the P68 million budget last year, a cut of P32 million was allocated for this year’s incentive. This city has a total savings of P42 million.

Vice Mayor Victor Aldeguer insisted that the incentive for this year should be the same with the previous year.

“I am more inclined to give the same bonus as of last year,” he said.

Employees received P40,000 worth of cash gift last year, far higher than what is appropriated this year.

As Aldeguer wanted to give the same amount, he suggested getting some P30 million from the Building Capital Outlay with P130 million in its account.

About P130 million was appropriated for building capital outlay intended for the construction of the future city hall project.

Councilor Perla Rubio, chair of the Ways and Means committee, backed Aldeguer’s proposal, adding that a little cut from the building outlay “will not be a big problem since the project intended has no definite amount yet.”

Rubio added that the local government set aside budget for the future city hall even though there is no clear time frame yet of its construction.

Casanova, however, blocked the vice mayor’s suggestion.

He explained that P25,000 and P12,500 is “more than enough” for the employees.

Casanova said though the council  can slash some amount, the Committee on Finance and Appropriations does not recommend the idea.

Casanova said there will be additional bonus to be released in the first quarter of 2013.

It will come from the savings of the month of December this year with the remaining P2 million from the P42 million.

“I will guarantee that there will be an additional bonus that will be released on the first quarter of next year but I cannot guarantee of how much that amount will be,” Casanova added.

Rubio expressed doubt about Casanova’s assurance citing that the local government failed to materialize the same pledge last year.

The City Council also approved in a special session Wednesday additional appropriation for the teachers’ cash incentives. (Rogielane Arombo/BukidnonNews.Net)