ERLOWISM: Isang Buwang Pag-IBIG


By Erlow Talatala

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/08 March 2019)– It was my first visit to the Pag-IBIG Fund Office in Malaybalay City branch last January 31, 2019, to avail my first loan after 19 years of personal contribution.

The following week, I tried to secure all the required necessary documents being asked for submission.

On the second week, my application was subjected for review. I was given an Acknowledgement Receipt that indicated the loanable amount and the remarks to follow it up in 2 to 3 months.

I never gave so much attention to that remark because at the bottom part of the slip, it says, “if you do not receive a text confirmation within 3 working days, pls contact us at 724-4244 (Pag-IBIG)”.

Since I have so many things to attend to, I gave my ATM Card to my wife and asked her to do the inquiry.

She made several inquiries in the bank and made complaints of being a little bit embarrassed every time she lined-up and end up empty handed.

On March 04, 2019, one month after processing my loan application, I made a balance inquiry and experienced the same.

So, the following day, I decided to visit the office and tried to talk with the Manager and am very grateful of her being accommodating and kind, but the main issue has yet to be addressed.

We talked a lot about the new system and programs, the merging of contributions and records which might have caused the delay of release but I remain raising the question why would it take a month or two for me to borrow my own money?

I can see on TV that offices in Manila such as the LTO, among others were trying to cut-short the Processing Period into hours as per instruction by the President, Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

I can consider all those technical issues being presented to me, but I think there’s more than that and it doesn’t stop there.

Though, I don’t want to make presumptions but I hope the agency would try to address and improve this aspect to fully serve the interest and welfare of the members who are the stakeholders of this very equally beneficial agency and program.

Early the next morning, the Branch Supervisor called me up informing me that my loan release is now ready. Thank you Pag-IBIG!

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(The author is a surrealist activist who rises for truth, justice and life. He believes that every man’s work is a portrait of himself. ERLOWISM is his column for BukidnonViews, the opinion section of BukidnonNews.Net. Reach him via