City council probes Malaybalay ‘with dirtiest public market’ remark

MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News.Net/ 21 December) A declaration from an unnamed environmentalist that Malaybalay Public Market is ‘one of the dirtiest in Bukidnon’ prodded the City Council to conduct an inquiry during their 47th regular session last December 9, 2014.
To shed light on the issue, the council invited representatives from the Provincial Health Office (PHO), City Economic Enterprise Development and Management Office (CEEDMO) and the City Veterinarian Office.
It was Engr. Florissa L. Adviento, Provincial Health Office’s environmental and occupational health services said that a certain mentor of her called her attention during the Regional Interagency Committee meeting on environment last August 26, 2014. Her mentor told her that a certain environmentalist declared during a forum at Xavier University that Malaybalay public market is one of the dirtiest markets in the region.
Knowing that the cleanliness of the public market is one of the mandates of their division, Adviento said that she was shocked to hear the remark. And that a week after that, she convened an ocular inspection team which includes CEEDMO personnel Ms.Dioscora Niere, Local Revenue Collection Officer IV, Ms. Lineth Remo, Market Supervisor of Sanitary and Maintenance and Mr. Eduardo Babanto , Market Supervisor III. They met with the market task force, the City Health Office and SP councilors Louel Tortola and Nicolas Jurolan. Together, they immediately conducted an ocular inspection of the city public market where they found out that there are problems with the facility’s lighting and ventilation.
Although the city’s public market is lacking in some aspects, Niere does not agree that the public market of Malaybalay is one of the dirtiest. She however recommends that industrial exhaust fans should be installed to address the ventilation problem and also reprogram the scheduling of sanitation personnel.
On the other hand, Remo sees the need to augment the small number of sanitation personnel assigned to the market. With this, she asked for the assistance of the city government to in order to maintain the cleanliness of the market.
“Good thing that it’s not a formal evaluation. But it’s a wakeup call to everyone to perform their job accordingly,” Councilor Mya Analene Rosos-Tenorio said. (Elisa Joy Gonzaga/ Bukidnon State University Development Communication intern at Bukidnon News.Net)