LGU stages ‘Makasaysayang Malaybalay’ for 136th ‘Aldaw ta Malaybalay’

MALAYBALAY CITY (News Advisory/14 June) The City Government of Malaybalay has staged a theater production dubbed Makasaysayang Malaybalay on July 15 at 6:30p.m. at the City Covered Court.

The production, featuring the history of Malaybalay, is a showcase of music, drama, and dances to convey historical events.

It is a collaborative project between the LGU and Mindanao theater professionals produced for the 136th ‘Aldaw ta Malaybalay’. It is one of the many activities scheduled for the celebration.

A total of 65 persons will perform in the production led by the Cyrell Collado, executive creative director of the presentation.

The Malaybalay City Information Office said the production, a landmark theatrical production of the city government, will become an “awareness and consciousness drive to the people of Malaybalay and the entire province of Bukidnon.”

The theme of this year’s Aldaw is “Kultura ug Kasaysayan: Tuburan sa Maalagarong Pangagamhanan.”

Students from Bukidnon State University and other academic institutions in the city were invited to witness the presentation. (Contributed to Bukidnon News by Loreta Sol Dinlayan)