23 percent of those who registered in Bukidnon did not vote on May 13

MALAYBALAY CITY (Bukidnon News/ 27 May) – A total of 170,993 people, or
23 percent of those who registered with the Commission on Elections in
Bukidnon, did not vote on May 13, or roughly one in five with the
province’s registered voters of 749,524.

Carlito L. Ravelo, Bukidnon’s acting provincial election officer, said
voter turnout was at 77.19 percent, which is higher than the projected
turnout of 70 percent.

Bukidnon has 4,686 precincts clustered into 1,063, Ravelo said.
The highest turnout was in the municipality of Sumilao at 87.87
percent. The lowest – vote-rich Valencia City at 61.62 percent. A
total of 46,209 voters skipped the polling places in Valencia.

Next lowest is the town of Kitaotao, where only 16,395 of the 23,813
registered voters, or 68.85 percent, went out to cast their ballots.
After Sumilao town, the next highest turnout was posted in Kadingilan
town, 87 percent; Libona, 86.74 percent, and Malitbog, 86.44 percent.

Malaybalay City, the provincial capital, posted an 82.54 percent voter
turnout or 67,903 actually voted out of 82,268 registered voters.
Overall, there are more male registered voters in the province but a
higher percentage of women went to polling places and voted on May 13.

Of the 382,747 male registered voters, only 291,997 or 76.29 percent
actually voted. On the other hand, of the 366,777 female registered
voters, only 286,534 or 78.12 percent actually voted.

In Bukidnon’s 464 barangays, most the villages posted average of 70 to
85 percent voter turnout but there were clustered precincts that were
almost ignored by voters.

In East Dalurong, a remote village in Kitaotao town, only 312 of 701
voters or 44.5 percent actually voted. In Nala, only 171 voters or 44
percent of 388 voted.

In Napaliko village, also in Kitaotao, only 213 or 51.7 percent of 412
voters actually voted in a total of 13 precincts. In Sagundanon
village, only 267 or 48 percent of 557 voters actually voted.

In Sinuda, home of the Federation of Matigasulog-Manobo Tribal
Councils, there was a precinct, 0075A, where only 94 or 47 percent of
200 actually voted. Kitaotao posted a 68.83-percent voter turnout.

There were a number of precincts around the province that posted
100-percent voter turnout but they were all “daughter precincts” or
those with three to five registered voters only.

The one in Balaoro, Kadingilan town which posted 100 percent voter
turnout, is noteworthy. All of its 99 male registered voters and 85
female voters actually voted.

Kadingilan town posted an 80.92-percent turnout.
The lowest turnout at the precinct level so far was noted in Quezon
town. There were precincts with a measly 17-percent voter turnout.
(Walter I. Balane /Bukidnon News.Net)