Vision of Lumad Youth

We the indigenous youth from the different indigenous groups of Manobo, Tigwahanen, Matigsalog, Umayamnon, Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, and Subanen, envision a cultural community that strongly care for the ancestral domain, which the foundation of our indigenous knowledge, systems, and practices; a generation that recognizes and respects the elders as a testament of a culture that is alive. We envision empowered indigenous peoples that strongly hold and live our customs and traditions and look at history as a living guide for our dreams and aspirations.

We the indigenous youth, look at ourselves with overflowing potentials to achieve mastery of our culture in the future and ready to share such to everyone. We have a strong conviction that is strengthened by our cultural customs and traditions; inspired and guided by our indigenous beliefs, we claim our potentials to enrich and manage the future we want, to live freely according to the shared vision of our community.

Recognizing the fundamental role of education in our growth and in the development of indigenous cultural communities, we envision an education system that:

– recognizes the indigenous learning system as a legitimate means to teach and learn;
– Respects the elders as keepers of wisdom and skills
– provides equal opportunity among indigenous youth to develop and deepen our understanding and capacities, our dreams and aspirations.
– An education system that is open and free; and is not limited within structured walls but sees the ancestral domain as a rich space for learning;
– mould indigenous youth to become mature in promoting the essential of our culture;
– paves way for indigenous youth to better understand the changes of the world yet continuously deepening our understanding of our culture and capacities;
-connects the history of our elders to responsibilities to the present time towards the future of the generations to come;

With the guidance of our elders, we commit ourselves to:
-to live in accordance with our culture and beliefs; and to promote such to other people
– To actively work towards the development of our cultural community;
– to build our confidence, strengthen our capacities, deepen our understanding of ourselves and become a valuable asset of our community;
– to strengthen our adherence to indigenous knowledge, systems and practices and its promotion among our fellow youth
-to promote peace, justice, and equality within and outside our ancestral domain
– to care and nurture the environment and our sacred places
-to receive the responsibility of propagating our culture for the generations to come

May we be blessed by the Most Powerful One!

1st Regional IP Youth Summit on IP Education
Kaamulan Folk Arts Theater
Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, Philippines
January 30- February 1, 2014