Bukidnon tribe publishes comics for school of living tradition

MALAYBALAY CITY (21 May) The Bukidnon Daraghuyan tribe has published a series of four comics depicting the tribe’s history and culture veering away from their practice to keep it as oral tradition.

Dubbed as “tribal comics series,” the illustrated materials will be used in the Daraghuyan Tribal School of Living Traditions, Datu Dumapal Benecio Docenos told Bukidnon News.

“We have to put it out to help bridge what the elders and the young people know. Even some of our elders need to learn from one another and the youth,” he added.

Docenos said they have no more qualms putting part of their tradition in print for the sake of helping provide opportunities for their people and those from outside their communities to understand.

But he noted that they went through the process of consulting their elders on the move citing that putting it in print had been previously discouraged.

“But we are now ready. We are glad of the opportunity that our life, culture, situation will be known,” he added.

Datu Dumapal said through the tribe’s Daraghuyan Tribal School, they teach their youth through their 13 balignaos or teachers.

All of the four stories were written in Binukid with English translation in every page.

The first volume in the series is on Batbatanun hu Limbagan (Bukidnon tale of creation) as told by Datu Dumapal Benecio Docenos and Datu Pagalungan Ignacio Docenos.

The story covered the creation of space and the universe up to the creation of the first man and woman and their children. The story noted the good relationship between the humans and the creations around them.

Docenos, 69, is the eldest in the Docenos clan. He is a hunter, ritualist, judge or arbiter, blacksmith, artist and teacher. He is also the tribe’s engineer who was responsible for the design of the Mt. Kitanglad Cultural Heritage Center.

The 17-page volume used 21 images illustrated by Datu Dumapal, Jonel and Gerard Docenos, Ariel and Arlan Omarol, and Bong dela Torre. The images used a mix of pencil, water color, and soil paintings.

The second volume in the series is on Kag-asawa ha Batasan Hu Tribu Ha Bukidnon Ta Kitanglad or an account on the “Traditional Marriage practices of the Bukidnon Tribe in Mt. Kitanglad.”

The volume was written in Binukid by Bae Inatlawan Adelina Tarino and Datu Dumapal Benecio Docenos. Bae Inatlawan, 51, is the head claimant of the tribe’s Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title. She is a baylan and known as a cultural expert for her knowledge on healing, spiritual, and mediation skills.
It was through Bae Inatlawan when they established the tribe’s Bukidnon Inhandig Tribal School, which is now called the Daraghuyan Tribal School.

Ariel L. Omarol, 18, provided the 12 images used across the 14 pages of the volume. Omarol is a member of the Daraghuyan Tribal Youth who is known for his drawings, drums, and dancing skills.

The third volume focused on Kapangalima hu Tagkabugat daw hu Bata Ta Gutuk or the Maternal and Child Care as told and drawn by Bae Precyl Gamay, Bae Malugdang, Careliza Omarol, Bae Lourdes Ruiz, Bae Mangunguyamo Julia Cacay, Nanay Conching Homaynon.

The authors of the 14-page volume were all active members of the Daraghuyan Tribal Women Organization.

Bae Mangunguyamo Julia Cacay told Bukidnon News last week that they were inspired to agree to write down their practices on maternal and child care when the tribe attended a seminar on population and development.

“What we heard was different from what practiced,” she added.

The fourth in the 10-page volume is on Gapangalima daw kagpa-aragi hu Bata or Responsible Parenthood.

The volume was told and drawn by Bae Precyl Gamay, Bae Malugdang, Careliza Omarol, Bae Lourdes Ruiz, Bae Mangunguyamo Julia Cacay, and Nanay Conching Homaynon.

Ma. Easterluna Canoy, director of the Kitanglad Integrated NGOs, which works with the tribe, said the project was put up with funding support from the Philippine Center for Population and Development (PCPD). (Walter I. Balane/BukidnonNews.net)