KALAGKALAG: Flowers for loved ones

A woman chooses her own bouquet of flowers for All Saints’ and All Souls Day on Nov. 1 and 2 in the Flower Junction in Brgy. 6, Malaybalay City| Bukidnon News

The city is in bloom for a different reason on October 31, the day before  the Kalag-kalag holidays a.k.a. extended weekend from November 1 to 4. All Saints’ Day is on Nov. 1, All Souls’ Day on November 2| Bukidnon News






A man buys flowers in a shop along San Isidro Street Wednesday. Arranged flowers on display are for P75 to P120 each| Bukidnon News

The Kalag-kalag break is a feast for Malaybalay’s flower business.

Flower vase anyone? Among those for sale for Kalag-kalag are flower vases made from bamboo on display at P25 each in Malaybalay City’s flower junction in Brgy. 6| Bukidnon News

Vendors also create new products to cater to needs of those who will visit the grave of loved ones.