Malaybalay goes after stray dogs, again

Bystanders check impounded dogs near the Malaybalay City Public Market in March 2018
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MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/13 February)–The Malaybalay City Veterinary Office has intensified their “Oplan Dakip Aso” this year to minimize victims of dog bites and to maintain cleanliness.

On February 4, day one of their operation, City Veterinary Office personnel netted 25 dogs from four barangays in the city, namely, Brgy. 5, Brgy. 9, Sumpong and Casisang .

Mark Ferdinand Arambala, animal health section chief of the city’s Animal Health and Production Division, said most cases of dog bites were caused by stray dogs.

“To maintain the cleanliness in the city, they must be netted and impounded,” he added. Arambala requested owners of the impounded dogs to claim their pets Friday that week.  Unclaimed dogs will be euthanized and be buried in the City Landfill site.

Arambala said their operation is based on City Ordinance No. 669 series of 2009 adopted from Republic Act No. 9482 known as Anti Rabies Act of 2007.

But he said last year their operation has been hampered by logistical issues like lack of vehicle to be used in capture operations, lack of burial site and other related concerns. He clarified, however, that they were able to address the issues during the last quarter of 2018.

He noted that the dog impounding process costs the city P500 per dog from capture to disposal.

Republic Act No.8485 or the Animal Welfare Act allows humane method of euthanizing animals. The law also said that it is unlawful for any person to maltreat any animal and to deprive or neglect to provide adequate care, sustenance, shelter.

He said pet owners have three days to claim their impounded dogs. But they have to pay P500 impoundment fee, another P500 as penalty for using no leash and P100 registration fee, he added.

In 2017, Arambala cited, only 14 or 18 percent of the 79 impounded dogs were claimed. The rest were killed. In 2018, the percentage went down to 16 percent with 40 dogs claimed out of the 257 impounded.  Of the unclaimed, all 206 were euthanized while 11 escaped as a pet owner allegedly destroyed the cage, he added.

The impounded dogs came from the 11 poblacion barangays and the city’s two most populated barangays – Sumpong and Casisang,” he said.

Arambala urged residents to observe responsible pet ownership by leashing and taking care of their pet dogs.

In its website, the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) reminded pet owners to keep  pets on leash when in public places, regardless of size or of training.

ʺNot only is this a responsible thing to do, it is also a requirement stated in the RA9482: Anti Rabies Act,ʺ it added.

PAWS also urged that pets be kept indoors and to make sure homes are properly fenced to prevent  pets from running out  and being injured by vehicles or picked up by city dog catchers and animal control officers or worse, dog meat traders.

ʺIt is inconsiderate to other people and irresponsible to let them run loose outside your gate or property to exercise, “pasyal”, or to eliminate (pee/poo) even if it is just for a little while – if you must do so, put them on a leash and take them out for a walk, and don’t forget to clean up your pet’s mess, ʺ PAWS reminded pet owners. (Mel B. Madera for BukidnonNews.Net)