Bukidnon civil servantʾs book proposes to restructure government

Photo and story by Mel B. Madera

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/06 January 2019) – A new book on improving democracy by a government employee in Malaybalay City proposes restructuring in the three branches of government, including the election of technocrats, not politicians to elective posts.

Eriberto A. Taban-ud Jr., a senior official at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)- Bukidnon has launched the first edition of his new 62-page book entitled “How can Philippine Democracy be Improved” on Jan. 4 at the DTI Training Room.

He said he was inspired to write the book because as government employee he observed there is a need to improve the country’s democracy.

In the executive branch, Taban-ud proposed the election of technocrats, not politicians. He said a technocrat goes through the levels of government from top to bottom. He clarified that those intending to run for mayor for example, must have served first as barangay executive. He said this should be true for all levels of the executive branch starting from the barangay chair to the President.

He also proposed that candidates for punong and vice punong barangay are required to have bachelor’s degree, a pre-requisite to taking a master’s degree in public administration. They must also have civil service eligibility and one year experience in government service to qualify.

Additional requirements will also be asked from those intending to run for mayor and vice-mayor, provincial governor and vice governor, regional governor and vice governor and for President and Vice-President.

These technocrats have to be elected but elections should be conducted with minimum costs, he added. To achieve that, he said, the following reforms shall be allowed: voters can use either the internet or cellphones in voting. Those who do not have access to internet and cellphone can cast their votes in precincts designated by the Commission on Elections.

He also proposed restructuring of the legislative and judicial branches.

He proposed election of only one representative to the House for each province to reduce administrative costs. In the judiciary, he proposed the direct election of the all judges, justices and members of the Judicial Bar Council, as opposed to the current system, appointed by the President upon pre-selection of the JBC.

The book also featured policy recommendations and social impact such as educational system, social management system, information communication technology, among other policy shift across other areas of governance.

He said his publishing partner Central Book Supply, Inc. has initially printed 50 copies of the second book and distributed to branches in Davao City, Cebu and Manila. (BukidnonNews.Net)

The author works as news writer of Central Mindanao Newswatch.