ERLOWISM: To Create and Remind for 2019

Painting by Erlow Talatala

By Erlow Talatala

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/06 January 2019) As an artist – I create – and remind. Just like those masterpiece sculptures liberated out of solid lifeless materials, I will “chisel” to liberate!

As the great Picasso has said “Painting is not made to decorate apartments. It is an instrument for offensive and defensive war against the enemy”.

Arts should not be treated like a “text-book” thing that could be learned or worse can be taught over-night.

That wide canvas indicates that a lover of arts has much to celebrate, yet that same canvas must also remind us, that there are many things that great artists as Vincent Van Gogh, or Jackson Polloch, among others, learned about life more than arts, throughout their whole life – never overnight.

Art is never about producing something to be hanged on those empty walls and making it expensive.

Art is meant to open consciousness and transform lives, liberate many souls, fight corruption and evil, so that this world will become a better place for the future generation.

Being an artist and an art critic is my means of self-expression. Indeed, I don’t only create and remind, – I demand.

Yes, I will continue to demand, because those who demand believe that things can be changed and improved.

The late Bobi Valenzuela, curator of Hiraya Gallery, once said, “As an artist, you are forever responsible of what you have tamed”.

As an artist of this generation, I will let the works of my hands teach us the lessons of being a free man –  that we may all become free.

Happy New Year Everyone!

(The author is a surreal activist who rises for truth, justice and life. He believes that every man’s work is a portrait of himself. ERLOWISM is his column for BukidnonNews.Net. Reach him via