BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS: Wish for Tomorrow Land: Bukidnon in 2019 and beyond

Courtesy of Dingmaya Productions

By Walter I. Balane

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/ 27 December 2018) Personal wishes are in abundance, especially as we usher a new calendar year.

Often, we have wishes that we rather keep personal. We sometimes express it in new year resolutions or just share it with family and friends in conversations during the holidays. Wishing is for free. Yet it is not a waste of time. Sometimes, what we wish for and believe, are the ones that we get.

Many of us are aware that these personal wishes are affected by the external environment. We see the situation of the rest of the country and the world from conventional and social media, especially those operating on international, national or regional scope.

We understand that what media outlets report affects these environments. The external factors might be imposing, if not limiting for our personal aspirations. Definitely, the external factors affect us – what we aspire for and what we can achieve.

We know, however, that people are also partly responsible for the structural conditions around us; be it social, economic or political. Everyone has a certain amount of human agency – or capacity to navigate through these conditions and eventually overcome its challenges.

Sometimes, it is the other way around. It is peopleʾs assertions, which can help influence what is going to happen. I should say it is a dynamics between what external conditions we allow to affect our free will and our fate.

Before we jump into the abyss of the theories of personality and sociology, let me get it straight from this point onwards.

We in BukidnonNews.Net would like to hear your wishes for our very own province, Bukidnon.

We want to listen to these wishes because we believe it matters. From the big  to the small ones, they all matter.

We understand that it is the job of some people, like those in government, to know the wishes of the people they seek to serve. This should serve as another venue to put the wishes forward. Sometimes, the wishes give hints on what should be done. We are not talking about government in all levels, alone.  We are also talking about what the private sector, the civil society, the grassroots organizations and the citizens in general can do.

The mid-term elections is coming up in May 2019, which is probably one of the notable events that may influence Bukidnon in 2019 and beyond.

We are, however, interested to know your aspirations beyond elections and governance. We want to hear your wishes on other aspects: the environment, business, agriculture, peace and safety and the other facets of our shared life in the province ʺwhere love and joy, never dieʺ.

This is a follow through of what we had been doing from 2013, up to last year, for the Public Outlook Series: Bukidnon 2018.

Join us on Facebook and email or send us an SMS of your response to our on-going discussion. The expression of your wish is a simple gesture of your willingness to participate in the affairs of our community.

We invite all people who identify themselves to be from Bukidnon province to make wishes beyond the usual – personal ones – to aspirations that responsible citizens desire for the future.

(The author is a faculty member of the Social Sciences Department of Bukidnon State University. During his free time, he edits the community-based online publication BukidnonNews.Net and contributes to MindaNews. You can reach him via