Laga Ta Malaybalay showcases local beauty, cultural awareness 

MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/04 January) – Laga Ta Malaybalay 2017 goes beyond showcasing  women’s beauty, talent and wit – it also shows their cultural awareness on December 28, 2017 at Malaybalay City Freedom Park.

“Why should you win tonight?” Juniel Doring, a fashion designer and one of the sponsors of the event delivered the question to candidate number one during the Q and A portion.

Ms. Rachel Anne S. Valera, who represented Brgy. 3 said during the Q and A if she will be crowned, she will pursue her advocacy on cultural preservation, awareness and sensitivity.

Mr. Jose Benito C. Ronolo, pageant director, said aside from looking for the right woman to represent Malaybalay for the upcoming Laga ta Bukidnon, the pageant was also for the candidates to pursue their advocacy and prove to the world that beauty pageant candidates are not just superficial persons but are strong-willed, high spirited and intelligent individuals.

“Bukidnon is one of the provinces rich in culture and most of the generation now is not that keen in understanding the importance of the culture,” he said.

“We have a very rich culture and with the advent of technology, the new generation tends to take it for granted,” said Ms. Doreen Khrystel Gonzales, the reigning Laga Ta Bukidnon. Gonzales took her farewell walk as Ms. Malaybalay during the pageant.

As a student, she said that the most she can do is to learn more about the culture of Bukidnon and integrate it in her lessons as a practicing teacher with all she can for future regeneration with Kids Western Wear and formal wear for the end of the pageant.

Felix Emalay, 22, a Talaandig and a student also appreciates the existence of upholding cultural awareness during the pageant. He added that the name of the pageant itself promotes indigenous culture in Malaybalay.

“If you are culturally aware, you know how to respect and to promote your own culture,” he explained.

Mr. Ronolo explained that aside from interconnecting it to “Laga Ta Bukidnon”, “Ms. Malaybalay” has been changed as “Laga Ta Malaybalay” to embrace Binukid, one of the two indigenous dialects in the province.

Mr. Ronolo looks forward to cultural understanding as an effect of the pageant to the community. He added that this means no cultural discrimination.

Laga ta Malaybalay 2017 : Rachel Anne S. Valera of Barangay 3
1st Runner up : Geraldine Sario of Barangay kalasungay
2nd Runner up : Sydney Frenz Kaye S. Anselmo of Barangay Caburacanan
3rd Runner up : Sherica Jane Asiayan of Barangay Canayan
4th Runner up : Winjiel B. Lumiton of Barangay Patpat (Rashia Mae Deva E. Paano/ BukSU Development Communication intern)