PACE OF PEACE: The heart of peace (Hope)

By Lourdes G. dela Torre, Ph.D

The heart of peace is contented with what it possesses in life.

The heart of peace knows and upholds human rights

The heart of peace accepts that he/she is a social being and so,

does not isolate itself from others because they are partners
The heart of peace condemns any form of violence.

The heart of peace respects the rights of others especially the poor,

the less privileged, the women and children
It accepts others as they are

It is not materialistic

It recognizes others as important as he / she is

A heart of peace is not selfish.  It does not consider others as

The heart of peace is optimistic.  It hopes for the best thing to

It is the heart that opens for God to come in.  It is not vindictive.

It looks for the greater good and tries to unify everybody in the

spirit of love, justice, reconciliation, and healing.


Having a heart of peace, one learns to promote peace not through

the barrel of the gun  but through peaceful and non-violent

The heart of Peace builds the Culture of Peace by putting all the

necessary ingredients such as love, understanding, justice, respect, tolerance, and cultural and family solidarity.
Education has done great things to develop in each person the heart

of peace.

It teaches everyone to interact with others non-violently and to

become peaceful persons.


We are challenged to help build the Culture of Peace not only in our

school and community BUT in ourselves as the Zone of Peace because having the PEACE OF THE HEART IS THE HEART  OF PEACE.
(BUKIDNON VIEWS is the opinion section of Bukidnon News.Net. Dr. Lourdes G. dela Torre is an educator and researcher whose works have been presented in various national and international conferences. She is presently with the Bukidnon National School of Home Industries in Maramag, Bukidnon. She has published books on Peace Education and Field Study. She is a consultant on community organizing, social, and peace studies. Pace of Peace is her column for Bukidnon Views. She can be reached at