LITERARY: Sumilao, Sumilao, Sumilao

By Gina Saraum Doña

I want to preserve your boundaries and names

I just want to stand on the top of your mountain

And shout to proclaim and acclaim

Palaopao is for Sumilao

But how could I, even just a try

Never could do I, all i can do is cry.


I know all things in this world

Have time set for goodbye

But there is a history that tell about the story

To be heard and to be read for the next generation to believe

Like what JESUS did at the cross of calvary he died

Just to save human being of their sin

Which i just heard and read  and i really believe HE did.

Histories never fade away unless heaven and earth will pass away.

(Gina Saraum Doña, single, is from Purok 1, San Roque, Sumilao, Bukidnon, Philippines. She lives with her parents and a niece. She loves to compose poems and song lyrics as well. She also loves helping others “sa abot nang aking makakaya”. Although she considers herself a PWD, she said they never wanted to be a burden to others.)