SAKSAK SINAGOL: Peppermint tea redemption from Inicial Street

By Rhea Egargo/BukidnonNews.Net

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MALAYBALAY CITY (BukidnonNews.Net/15 January) While tea is relatively still a less popular drink in Malaybalay than coffee, there has been an increase of the drink’s following in the recent years. This, after all, is possible with the cafes and restaurants that have sprung up in the city offering tea variations.

In 2015, when people look at fitness and wellness as a priority on their new year’s resolution, the awesome health benefits that tea would provide is worth anyone’s consideration. Coffee’s little cousin indeed deserves the limelight, too.

With the binging during the holidays, as most of us would have felt, the weight of having to deal with all those rich foods finally got to me. With some friends, we were drawn to a food haven – Chef Edward’s, located at the corner of Inicial and Carbajal Streets looking for something nourishing other than the kind we scoffed during the celebrations.

The assortments of teas were definitely enticing. We needed the mandatory cleansing after the food feasts’ overindulgence.

We opted for the hot fresh peppermint kind which definitely did not disappoint.

As fresh as it can get, with the peppermint even growing just around the premises of the restaurant, you can definitely taste the balance of the sweetness, the minty flavor and the lemon in the potion.

The bloated feeling you get after a big meal goes away with just a few cups of the peppermint tea, to which I later on found out was positively one of the doles of herb since it relieves stomach problems and irritations as well as aid digestion.

Before we knew it, we were chugging cup after cup of the good health-giving drink. I wonder, can there be more kind of what has been offered to us?

My new year’s resolution has now included one very distinct aspiration. I should be on a quest to discover more fresh teas around the city. I heard there may be more who are discovering and harnessing the benefits of the famed drink. While I may be on this journey to a great well-being, I’m sure I’ll discover more of the people, the culture and the spirit that is of a Malaybalaynon.

See you all in the next days of adventure!

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