Inkulis hi Anijun Mudan-udan

Ulini kay Kalalagan ha Mulin-ulin hu Lageng,
Ilahi hu bis-ay isan ku ba da iling hu ahong,
Buligi kay iling su anay ha iyan nanangkawan,
Su Walu ha Talugan, su Talugan ta Tagolwan.

MALITBOG, Bukidnon (Bukidnon News/29 November) Maayad ha anlaw ingyo alan! Iyan ko panganinay ha lugayadan pa su untong hu mga laas ta, hu mga amay daw mga inay ta, daw hu mga abang daw idang ta. Iyan ko panguluambit ha alan kuy ilahan hu maayad ha kaglawa.

Maayad gayed iman su anlaw ta iyan haini anlaw ha makagsugod ki hu kagbasa taini ha sabuwa ha dahon hu Bukidnon News ha pigpatugam-ahan ko ha “Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan”. Sugod iman na manikaysikay ki ha su kanit ha mga kag-aha hu alan butang na mailahan hu lageng. Na aman ku mailahan hu lageng na bayabaya mapaliman hu mga duma ta su ahong din ha manganawkanaw duun hu kanit ha banuwa ha pigngaranan su anay hu mga laas ta ha Talugan ta Tagolwan.

Bul-og haini su Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan na nailahan iman hu lawang tumunged hu gahinawa hu Bukidnon News ha sikit ha mga untol ha migtitima dini na mailahan kuy hu lageng. Daw daan kabukalkali su kanit ha gahinawa, su kanit ha mga kag-aaha hu mga butang, su kanit ha mga agkabayaan agsagkawa daw su kanit ha kagpakig-alundaya duun hu kagi dan pa moderno ha kapanahunan.

Na bul-og haini su Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan na ba haini iman su gaop ha daw pa tagsakema. Na maluag haini ha gaop mga gali daw angaray. Hari ko mauyayaan ku maiyan-iyan A duun. Ta tag-ahaayen ko na ba da hibaya agkatag-uma su kagpanggalasi ko duun. Na aman iman na agpakagpanganinay A ha magbuliga ki ta daw makagpamula kid un. Maayad haini ha gaop mga suled ta maayad su bugta.

Hari kid mabeges ku mabaloy ba su pamulahen ta hura un dun taini kalainan ku panuig daw ku buklas. Na aman agpangumaw A ingyo ha magpauwit kaw daan hu ingyo ha mga kagpanguliskulis mahitunged alan butang ha duun tagkapuun hu kanit ha kag-ikagi, kaglalang daw kagbatasan. Ku mabayaan yu ha handugan su mga suled hu dasang, na magpauwit kaw hu dasang.

Ku mabayaan yu daan ha makapaliman kay hu limbay, na limbayi kay. Mabaloy daan ku mamatbat kaw mahitunged hu kapuun ta, kapuun hu ngaran hu mga banuwa ta daw ku inu pa. Ku mabaya kaw daan magnanangen, na handogi kay daan hu nanangen.

Ku agkabaya kaw daan mangantoka, na antokai kay. Ku agkabaya kaw daan ha ihandog kanay su mga batbat hu mga laas mahitunged hu maayad ha kagbatasan, na handogi kay ta daw malugayadan kay daan hu untong. Na bul-og ku amin yu igpauwit, na kinahanglan ha pigsulat yu duun hu kanit ha kag-ikagi. Daw ku mauyayaan yu na hukara un daan hu Maninglis. Ku hari daan mahukad hu Maninglis na Binisaya.

Ku hari pa gayed, na bay-ani. Ipahukad ta hu mga matatau ha nangakaabin hu nangkasakuru ha Maninglis daw Binisaya. (Hari tad lang una paglalangan ku imba agtambagan ku ag-umawa ha “binukid” su kanit ha kag-ikagi. Daw asem ku sunod. Hehehe) Na, inu pa su tag-angatan yu? Hala, pan-aha kaw un hu lapis daw papel daw hibaya un isulat hayan su agkabayaan igmuyamuya daw ku ba ba igbantula hu gahinawa yu!

Ku hura lapis daw papel na man-aha hu luka hu kadesnon daw kulisi hu lansang, daw “kodaki” kagi pa, daw i-email! Hiay! Halaha kaw man daan! Iyan ko gahinawa ha mabaghet ki hu kagpanguliskulis kagi pa gamit su kanit ha kag-ikagi.

Ibat-aw ta su kapawa hu kanit ha sulo ta daw mangakaindan hu kanit ha kagbatasan su mga bata daw mga suled ta. Hibaya kid mangulkulahi daw “su lageng hi Buuy Agyu na mapalpaliman hari lang dini ta mga gaop ta ta Tagolwan ba bayabaya daan makauma ta alan ha sinaluhan ta kaliyongan”. Ipauwit su tampo yu ta:, iugsak ta subject “Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan”.

(Our Space)
Inspire us Generous Spirit of Voice,
Give us strength even that of an echo,
Help us like the olden days
when supreme are the eight great houses, the House of Tagolwan.

Good day to everyone of you! It is my fervent prayer that the lives of our elders, our fathers and mothers, our uncles and aunts, be preserved and prolonged.

It is my solemn prayer that all of us be given good health. It is truly a good day, for this is the day that we shall start to read this page in the Bukidnon News which I called “Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan”.

From now on, we shall strive that our own perspectives be given voice. And so, if given a voice, our fellows will hear of the echoes which will reverberate throughout the lands in the river valley that our ancestors had called Talugan ta Tagolwan.

Now Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan was given space because of Bukidnon News’ desire that we, the original inhabitants of this land will be given more voice. So that we can express our own aspirations, our own views, our own goals and our involvement in this so-called modern times.

For now, Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan is like an area which is about to be farmed. This is a considerably wide area dear sirs and madams.

Obviously, I cannot farm it on my own. For when I look at it, I’ll surely get stuck in just trying to clear it over and over. So now I’m praying that you help me so that we can plant soon. I could see that this land is very fertile. We need not worry if the plants will grow for in this kind of soil, the harvests of panuig and buklas would be no different.

So I’m calling on all of you to send also your writings about everything using our own language, our manner of speaking and our own kagbatasan. If you want to offer us your dasang, then send us dasang. If you want us to hear your limbay, then please do so. You may also regal us with stories about our origins, the origin of the names of places and/or things.

If you like to offer us your nanangen, then send us your nanangen. If you want to teach us some riddles, then teach us. And if you want to share with us the tenets of the good way of life according to our ancestors, then share it with us so we may also be blessed with a long life.

Now if you send a write-up, it should be written in our own tongue. If you can translate it into English then please do.

You may also opt to translate it to Binisaya. Or you can just leave it as it is. And then we will find experts who have owned one sakuru of English and Binisaya to do it.

(Let us not talk yet on why I don’t want to call our language “binukid”. Perhaps next time.) So what are you waiting for? Go, look for a pencil and a paper and write down the things you want to whisper or to shout! If you don’t have a pencil and a paper, go look for some stalks of kadesnon and engrave it with iron nails, take a picture of it, then send through email!

Hiay! Come on, laugh with me! Well, it is my wish that our enthusiasm in writing using our own language will be aroused.

Let us raise our own torch so that our children, and our brothers and sisters will find their way through our kagbatasan. Together let us shout so that the voice of Buuy Agyu will be heard, not just in the Tagolwan river valley but also in all the cardinal directions of the world.)

(Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan or Echoes from Tagolwan, is Bukidnon News’ section in the native language. Tagolwan refers to the Tagoloan River Valley, historical home of the Higaonon, Bukidnon, Talaandig and other tribes in Northern Mindanao. Anijun Mudan-udan is T.S. Sungkit Jr, a novelist from the Higaonon tribe. He writes and farms at the same time. He will edit this section. Send your contributions to, write “Mga Ahong ta Tagolwan” in the subject line.)

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