CMU student to test propagation of Rafflesia host plant

Daniel O. Amper, biology student of Central Mindanao University Bukidnon News photo

Daniel O. Amper, biology student of Central Mindanao University
Bukidnon News photo

MALAYBALAY CITY ( December) – A biology student of Central Mindanao University (CMU) proposed to study the propagation of tetrastigma papillosum planch (host of Rafflesia, a parasitic plant) during the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) meeting last December 9, 2014 at Northern Mindanao Integrated Agricultural Research Center (NOMIARC), Dalwangan, Malaybalay City.
Daniel O. Amper, a CMU biology student, said that he plans to use three inches of cuttings of tetrasigma to determine whether it can be propagated in the backyard or not. He said that a successful propagation will eliminate the need of going to the protected areas just to get some of this plant for medicinal purposes.
Bae Inatlawan Adelina Tarino confirms that tetrasigma is useful as a medicinal plant. She however cautioned that before gathering samples of tetrasigma, a proper ritual should be done to avoid untoward events.
For his part, Datu Makapukaw Adolino Saway, Chairman of the Councilor of Elders, said that he finds no reason to oppose the proposal of Amper. He even offered Amper to collaborate with him for the said study. But like Bae Inatlawan, he suggested that the place where Amper plans to gather tetrasigma should be checked first and a proper ritual should be done.
On the other hand, Eduardo Rautraut, Chairman of the Ecotourism Committee, believed that the data on the said study is important. He added that it could contribute to the promotion of the province since Rafflesia is a tourist attraction. He however stressed that Amper should abide with the cultural rules of the indigenous communities.
Amper hopes that through his study, other medicinal uses of tetrastigma would be further discovered. (Claudette Mae Bacus/Bukidnon State University Development Communication intern at Bukidnon News.Net)