About Us

We are Bukidnon News,  a shoestring Malaybalay City-based news agency dedicated to provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive reports on Bukidnon.

Bukidnon News is Bukidnon’s first community-based and community-focused news agency.

We started operating on February 1, 2011.

Bukidnon News is published by the Bukidnon Network of Editors and Writers for Social Change (Bukidnon NEWS) Inc, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 2012.

Free, well-informed, and participative citizens – living in open and transparent communities, empowered for sustainable development, to respect diversity and practice peaceful actions via democratic processes – through news and information.

To be a sustainable community-based news organization that provides comprehensive, relevant, timely and accurate news and information in support for citizens to actively participate in open and transparent governance in Bukidnon.

1) To develop and sustain a viable community-based news organization

2) To pursue journalism that provides news and information for open and transparent practices to enable people’s full participation in sustainable development with priority on the state of environment, economy, governance, and public welfare including best practices.

3) To provide avenues for people to share their views and reactions, aspirations, history and traditions, among others to continue learning from others through community education.

We envision a news service that caters to the news and information needs of the Bukidnon citizens inside AND outside of the province. We hope that our reportage will help empower Bukidnon’s communities.

We aspire to form a cooperative of journalists and information disseminators who believe in the local media’s capacity to be free, professional, responsible, relevant, useful, and nurturing.

We pursue a sustainable operation so we can achieve our aspirations.

This is an initiative of a handful of independent local reporters and correspondents with the help of some like mind friends with the common vision of promoting a new media culture in Bukidnon.

Please feel free to suggest and express your comments about our initiative and your takes in improving it.

Thank you!

– Bukidnon News

Notice vs. online theft

This online news podium is published by the BUKIDNON NEWS (Bukidnon Network of Editors and Writers for Social Change), Inc.

Please respect intellectual property rights.

Care must be observed in re-using our content. Copying a post, in whole or in part, is allowed only with our permission through bukidnonews@gmail.com.

For necessary citations, you may link us and present it using APA citation style.

This notice applies especially to other online podiums featuring content on Bukidnon.

Copying is stealing. Don’t be an online thief.

-The Administrator


Bukidnon News adheres to the:

First Mindanao Media Summit Covenant of 2002

Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics

2009 Hamburg Declaration regarding intellectual property rights